$4000.00 Cabin, Storage Shed, and Contents For Sale

"Our hide Out" can be "Your hide Out"
It's the end of an era, not financial troubles, that prompts this sale.
This is a complete turn-key answer to your camping and motor sports needs and wants. Bring only your food, beverages, water, and bedding because this site is COMPLETELY ready for you to enjoy home away from home and store, protect, and maintain your riding equipment. With enough space to sleep up to 8 people (in the 10' x 20' cabin) and store 2 large utility ATVs (in the 9' x 9' shed), your days of equipment packing and unpacking and lugging are gone (or, at least, significantly reduced).
Features include: a fully-insulated, fully-paneled, partially-carpeted 10' x 20' cabin with a 10' x 8'+- porch, bunk beds, 2 internal lofts for sleeping or storage, external shower stall, thermostat-controlled heating and air conditioning, kitchen counter and shelves with ready-to-cook applicances, and much, MUCH more.
The location of the campsite provides privacy and distance from your neighbors (who, by the way, are very nice) and has a driveway to accommodate multiple vehicles and for easy exit from, or access to, The lower level area provides a spacious and secluded campfire area and potential basketball court or whatever you want to make it.
Portability: If you don't like the campsite or want to move the cabin and shed off club property, they can be relocated to the site of your choice (at your own expense and risk). They were delivered in one piece (pre-fabricated).
Offer extended to current RCTR members only. Club membership is a requirement of/before the sale.
This sale includes only the cabin,shed and all structures on this site. The club owns the property so there are annual club fees (see fees page).
Don't let club fees deter you from taking advantage of this opportunity NOW! Even though the club does not offer prorated fees, a prorated club fees reimburse plan is offered as part of the sale, to encourage a new membership or membership renewal. Conditions apply. Contact for details.
Selling price = $4000.00 (cabin, shed, and specified contents combined - not sold separately). . In no hurry to sell, so thoughtfully consider and make your best offer.
List of features (galore) and/or tour (at mutually agreeable date/time) are available upon Email request to cgmlawns@yahoodotcom
Please include your first and last names, phone number.
Serious potential buyers only, please.
If you have the funds to invest, you will be pleasantly surprised with the tons of features and fun this site has to offer. Just move in and begin to ride. Send your Email today for the details.
The 8500+ acre club is located about 1.5 hours North of Harrisburg, PA on Bear Valley Road, Valley View, PA 17983