Been fishing it up both locally and abroad. Fished the little conestoga creek in lancaster last week, managed to pick up a decent rainbow and 2 chubs on the trout magnet, my first one outta there, after losing about a dozen in the last 2 weeks , it gets restocked at the end of the week so im sure next week will be a good one!

Hit tyler state park on saturday and sunday, got 2 small suckers and a best of the season 16" rainbow on trout magnets like usuasl, also hit it on sunday, very crowded waters are so low and clear, but managed to pick up 2 smaller rainbows, 7 sunnies a rock bass and a large sucker on trout magnets yet again, theres still plenty in there just gotta find them

Also hit mill creek out here in lancaster today, was very slow, fished a streach that was unknown, picked up 5 small sunfish and 5 very tiny small mouths on an assortment of lures, seen some nice carp tooo, Keep at it guys and good fishin