Flounder Recipe....and PREPPING the catch as FOOD
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Thread: Flounder Recipe....and PREPPING the catch as FOOD

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    Default Flounder Recipe....and PREPPING the catch as FOOD

    First of all, if you really want to maximize the quality of your food, you need to PREP your catch for the table from the moment you take it off the hook.

    Do not just take it off the hook and throw it in the cooler. The meat will be effected by the enzymes and lactic acid produced by the fish as it suffocates during its slow death in the air. The meat will also be effected by the blood remaining in the fish.

    Instead, use this version of IKI JIMi and you will be surprised by the difference.
    check out the two pics here for a visual difference:

    So, here is how I do it:
    KILL the fish with a stab into the spine. You will see a faint brown line on the white skin which traces the backbone. Do that stab on the line right behind the head. Make sure you break the spine, blood should begin pumping out immediately.

    Now make a cut right above the tail on the white side. This cut should go through the flesh and into the backbone. Stab the backbone there as well so that blood begins to flow.
    Now place the fish into a live well or a bucket and allow it to bleed out for at least 10 minutes.

    After it has bled, put it on ice until you return back to the dock.

    Fillet and skin, DO NOT rinse with fresh water! Bring back a bucket of clean sea water with you to rinse off your fillets. Put the clean fillets into bags, place on ice and bring em home.

    As soon as you get back home, take them out of the plastic bags, pat them dry with paper towels and then wrap each fillet with a clean paper towel. Put the paper towel packages in a clean plastic bag and place in the fridge.
    Now forget about eating the fish for two days....it gets better after it ages a bit and develops umami.

    When you are ready to cook it, remove the paper towels and cook it with your favorite recipe.
    You WILL SEE and TASTE a difference if you follow the above steps.....doesn't take away any time from your fishing, and adds a lot to your enjoyment and satisfaction knowing the food you harvested is the BEST quality that it can be.

    Here is how I did my last Fluke meal (pic below)
    Peppered the fillets heavy, then placed them in a bowl and covered with soy sauce. Let marinate for a half hour.
    Removed from the marinade then coated each piece with some store bought wasabi sauce (you can make you own by mixing wasabi powder and mayo)
    placed the coated fillets on a rack and popped under the broiler until the meat flakes.
    no need to turn them if the fish is thin like these just legal 18 inch fillets are.

    Served with sticky rice and a green salad....
    good eats!

    Finest Kind

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    Looks awesome.
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