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I just started surf fishing but I have been fly fishing for bass, trout and pan fish for two years. Now I'm thinking about fly fishing mostly for bluefish in the summer. Trying for flounder might be fun and schoolie stripers too. I'll probably want to go after the big girls at some point too.

I'd like some suggestions. I basically want a rod for summer blues but I don't want to be screwed is a bigger blue or a keeper sized striper takes my fly. I'm thinking a 9wt rod but maybe a 10wt just in case. I'm looking for something low on the budget or used since I wouldn't be fishing much at all.

I'm not looking to buy right now but I want to start researching and if a good deal comes around to know enough to jump on it.
My wife and I fly fish 4 or 5 days a week down here in Florida. We use Hobie kayaks. She uses a 7 foot 4 wheight and I use a 7-6 inch 5 wheight both rods are capable for the fish up to 28 inches we catch. For fluke, which are a sucker for a fly, I would use the same rods.I just picked up the 7-6 package from Cabelas for $149 complete (wind river package) and it an awsome rod. The reel has a realy nice drag. Im casting small clousers 10 to 15 yards sitting down which is good for my skills.