Restless Lady Report May 20, 2015
The shark bite today was ferocious, we kept reeasing the little ones waiting for the keeper and it paid off! 3 Mako releases at estimated weight 170#, 150#, 100#; 2 bluesharl releases estimated at 100# and 120#, and the keeper for the scales a 270# Thresher. The big Mako jumped 10' with multiple flips, Thresher houndogged 4 times and got 3' of air when he jumped. We were fishing the fingers in 61' water and all the sharks ate bluefish fillets.
Fleet reports of tuna bite in the Baltimore, its tuna and shark time, call us to get on the water.
Great dates available at end of May
- Memorial day weekend- Sunday the 23rd and Monday the 24th
-Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31
Open boat trips;
NEW-- Wednesday- June 3- need 6 anglers/ $325 per person
Tue- Wed Sept 15-16 overnighter- 4 seats available/ $525 per person
Real Time fishing report service; Fish alongside the guys that fish EVERYDAY!
Restless Lady is on board with Canyon Runner of New Jersey with Real Time Fishing Report service- get the best information- where, when and how, have the best chance to limit out on every trip you run. Go to
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