Here it is the last weekend in July and I am not reporting on Flounder. Went deep SE off Cape May inlet and had constant action all day. We had a 6 man limit on Sea Bass with 7 of the 12 being Knot Heads. Caught 6 more that would have been keepers with 3 of them being Knot Heads, but back they went. Had approx. 20 more that were less than the legal size and back they went. We keep 17 Ling with approx. 10 of them being a very good size . We also released another 18 not because of size but because I was the only one who wanted them for table fare. Biggest surprise that we were in 100 feet of water and we got pestered all day by small to medium Sea Robins. You expected those critters inshore on the Reefs but not out on 100 foot+ depth on wrecks.Not one Fluke and not one Bluefish. Surface water temp was between 80 and 82 degrees but the fish and sinkers came up cold. Best bait hands down was Clam on a Hi Low Rig with cut mackerel and cut Bunker showing a strong second. Crew told me that this trip would be the first and last Ling trip for them this year. They are Joneses for Fluke!.