Looked at the the weather for the last three days and the East wind, although light deterred me from fishing today. Made a last min decision to go and headed to WW reef via Herfords inlet about 7am.

Seas weren’t too bad but the east wind and rollers were present. Set up where we nailed them all 6 times we fished there and it was awful. Drifting was a difficult task, tough to hold bottom with a 6 even with a backtroll. Picked through a handful of shorts but as the fog rolled in, the winds picked up a bit, and it started to get a little more snotty we knew it was a losing battle. Instead of wasting a day we decided to head in around 11 with nothing to show for it.

I’m hoping some folks did well today but from the chatter on the radio it didn’t sound like it. We did not see one net swing all am either.

One cool thing though- we saw about 200 small flying fish erupt out of the water as we were moving to another spot. Tried pitching some spoons in the area but nothing.