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  • 07-26-2017, 10:30 AM
    Think the west coast with it's cooler waters are much healthier for fish. With the warmer water we now see were I fish the fishing really shuts down to a minimum.

    Took a charter out last night. Grandfather was to fly fish and the grandson was going to spin fish. It was the last decent tide till next week. We left the dock at 5:00 pm to fish the incoming tide in the ocean. There was a fairly good northeast wind blowing making it difficult for the grandfather to fly cast so he switched to spin. Water had kind of an ugly green look to it and was in the lower 70's.

    Fishing was dead. They caught one 10 inch sea robbin, and one 15 1/2 inch fluke and we broke off two cow nose rays that either took their jig head or got foul hooked. (many times they will just run through your line and foul hook on a wing)

    When the tide got higher the plan was to work the inlet rocks for some stripers but it was a little too sporty with the strong new moon tide and northeast winds, plus there was a ton of straw grass and debris in the water. Feels weird to be this late in the summer and not even a snapper blue to be found anywhere.

    With enough water now in the back bay we headed to the back. Water there was a bit greenish, but looked fishy. The guys worked it hard till the end of the trip and only had three hits. They hooked two small stripers. One got off half way to the boat and the other came off right before the net.

    Overall it was a dismal trip at best. The back had the most life as we did see a fair amount of very small bait fish (1 inch stuff). Water was around 75 degrees. I just have to believe there are just very few fish around and you have to work your butt off just to get a few. While cleaning the boat, around the dock lights with the high tide I never heard even one pop of any fish feeding in the shadow lines. Even with good tides the fishing is painful anymore. Hope things improve for the next good tide cycle. This painful fishing is tough to take.
  • 07-25-2017, 08:35 PM
    From a west coast blog I follow... really wish we had shots at fish like these over here:

  • 07-21-2017, 12:57 PM
    Thursday evening had a two person fly charter out with perfect conditions all the way around but found fishing tough, but we did land 6 bass out of the 9 hits we got.

    We left the dock at 5:00 pm to catch the last of the incoming and the beginning of the out going tide in the back bay. Weather was sunny with south southeast wind. Water was 67 degrees and nice and clean and there were very few green heads. (we never needed any spray) Fishing was basically slow. We fished for about an hour before catching the first bass on chartreuse/white clouser on intermediate line.

    It didn't help that both the father and son had limited casting skills. The son cast better than the dad and by the end of the trip was getting better. With the dad with a much shorter cast it was harder to catch as I had to try and keep the boat closer to the sod banks and his fly was not in the water all that long.

    We kept working sod banks and saw a fair amount of very small bait fish that our fly lines would spook (good to see) but there was little to nothing around to feed on it so we just kept moving and searching. Found one small pod of peanut bunker in a creek mouth on the out going tide and pulled the second fish of the night.

    With the tide flowing out good we worked a good number of creek mouths. Water temps were now 68 to 71 degrees and they all looked perfect. Nice flow with a good number of small bait fish, but absolutely no fish or even any hits. With a half hour left in the trip a finally found a small rip line of the end of a sod bank that held a few fish. Here as it was getting dark they caught 4 more stripers and missed a couple to make for a good ending.

    We did get some bass but it was a lot of casting and the guys really worked hard for their fish, especially when there are so few hits and no bluefish around to break up the lulls.
  • 07-19-2017, 08:49 AM
    With a good tide late in the day I was able to find some fish for my charter last night. Left the dock at 4:30 pm and headed to the back bay with one fly and one spin angler. The tide was just about to start flowing out and the water was clean and 67 to 68 degrees. The fishing started out slow as we work one good area after another. We did see some decent amounts of very small bait fish that was about 1 inch long here and there, but it was about an hour and half into the trip that we got the first hit and striper. It was caught on a clouser and pretty small.

    I had the other angler using a popping plug and we couldn't even get a swirl. We kept moving on searching for fish an the fly angler picked another small bass. Working as hard as we could and moving to spot after spot I finally hit an area where we ended up getting a five more stripers and a decent bluefish. (first one that I have seen in a couple of weeks) and it was in the last hour that we had the best action to salvage out the trip with the biggest striper 21 inches. Fly angler had 4 fish and the spin angler with the popping plug had 4. Not the hottest action but not too bad and the water was 71 as we headed back to the dock.

    Only real exciting thing that happened during the trip it that my fly angler fell off the front of the boat while fly casting. It was the first time I ever had a angler go over. Luckily as he let go of the fly rod the floating line that came off the deck was near the surface and I grabbed it as the fly rod went down and saved the rod. Angler was not injured other than his pride and maybe his cell phone. We all had a good laugh after pulling him on board.

    As far as fishing, it looks like prime tide at dusk or at night is might be the only decent time to catch fish until the water temps get too warm for even that.
  • 07-18-2017, 11:48 AM
    Had some disappointed charters who were down on vacation, when you have to tell them the tides are poor and the fishing is too poor to have a decent shot at fish. They just can't believe it. Tonight will be the start of some days of good tides around dusk so hopefully I can find some signs of life. If you are a fly or lure fisherman it seems like if you do not have absolute perfect conditions, (weather, tides and low light) you are just wasting your time anymore. To get good tides and low light conditions you throw more than half the days out of the month.

    The only signs of any life that I see is at my dock. There are some grass shrimp and 1/2 inch spearing under the floats. Problem is that the only fish that want to feed on that stuff is really small stuff. Worked on the boat a little at high tide and decided to take the last few blood worms that I had from last week and fish them under my dock. Caught 3 dinky stripers in about an hour. Might have to start doing dock charters with ultra light rods.
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  • 07-17-2017, 09:39 PM
    When replying click "go advanced" where you can add an attachment by uploading a photo.
    By default it only attaches a thumbnail pic, though there is an ugly trick to grab a link
    to the uploaded pic to display a full size image.
  • 07-17-2017, 05:48 PM
    sparse grey
    Learning more of what you speak Rob. Couple of hours early AM in small mountain stream 2 hits, both hooked one released. Wonderful couple of hours.
    How can I post pics now that photo bucket has changed?
  • 07-16-2017, 06:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by sparse grey View Post
    Sorry to hear of your woes Ray & wish I had some magic words to give you. Wishing you well as I am really doing well with the one spot I found. Raibows & browns, #14 Dry, wulff or similar & pheasant tail dropper.
    Sounds like a "Stream of Dreams"

    "Is this Heaven?" "No, It's Georgia" "Georgia? I could have sworn it's Heaven"
  • 07-16-2017, 06:21 PM
    sparse grey
    Sorry to hear of your woes Ray & wish I had some magic words to give you. Wishing you well as I am really doing well with the one spot I found. Raibows & browns, #14 Dry, wulff or similar & pheasant tail dropper.
  • 07-16-2017, 10:53 AM
    Ron, good luck with the trouting!!! I don't know what to make of the poor fishing around the inlet and the ocean as I can always scrounge some fish up, but it is dead, as dead as I have ever seen it. Wanted to cancel my Saturday morning trip as there were no signs of life of any kind on Friday morning, but my charter (a one person fly angler) said he was down on vacation and wanted to give it a try as it was better than being on the beach and what are the chances of two bad trips in a row.

    He should of listened to me. We left the dock at 6:00 am to fish the incoming tide. It was another perfect morning. It was calm, cloudy and foggy. Water was 67 degrees and nice and clean. My angler was a super good castor and the trip was a total waste. We worked 7 different locations all looking fishy. (except there was not one speck of bait fish anywhere) We never saw a single bird pick even with the strong incoming flow. I even got to fish a bit along with the angler. We fished for 4 hours and together we had a total of only 4 hits catching one 15 inch fluke and a 10 inch sea bass.

    That is as poor a fishing as you can get. I have canceled the next few charters until I have decent tides to work the back bay in the evenings. It is crazy to even waste time and money till things change. I just don't think there is any food source around. Later this week if I can't get some reasonable action in the back with low light and good tides it will end up like last year where I just have to keep canceling trips. Fishing is fun but you have to catch fish once in a while to make it good.
  • 07-15-2017, 08:14 PM
    sparse grey
    Started my week in NW Georgia. So far a little trouting but just getting started. Have a guide for Tuesday but trying to find someone for Monday. Beautiful country & know I can find a trout stream or three on my own.
  • 07-14-2017, 04:44 PM
    Rob, I do have my photo albums downloaded on my PC.

    As far as the fish I believe is is mostly the lack of any food fish. Anymore whether in the back, around the inlet or the beach front, I just do not see the bait fish around like it use to be. It use to be that the amount you would see would be less and less each year. Now you just don't see any. Fish need food to eat. No food, No fish. Fish do not stay in an area where there is no food.
  • 07-14-2017, 02:29 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by CapeMayRay View Post
    Thursday night canceled my fly charter as we just couldn't get a good handle on the weather. We had rain on and off during the day with strong winds most of the day and then it cleared up a bit, but looking at the weather radar of heavy storms that looked like they would be coming across Delaware Bay.we decide to play it safe and cancel. Storms never came on strong but who could tell and it wasn't worth getting caught out in something nasty if they were right.

    Friday night everything seem to be perfect. Only the fish didn't figure it out. Left the dock at 5:00 pm. with a one person fly angler to fish the incoming tide the whole night. With the better fishing being in the back this past week, we headed to the normal hot spots in the back. The wind when we left the dock was hitting 15 to 17 mph but it kept dying down to almost nothing by the end of the trip. For 2 1/2 hours we worked good spot after good spot covering almost 2 1/2 miles of sod banks and never got one single hit. The best we had was one small striper follow and another make a big swirl at the boat but never hit the fly. Water in the back back was 67 to 75 degrees, nice and clean and there were a fair amount of very small bait fish here and there that our fly would stir up and I did see one small pod of peanut bunker. (first that I have seen in a long time)

    I couldn't believe with such good conditions that it was as slow as it was. Frustrated I decided to leave the back bay and shoot out to the ocean as it couldn't be any worse. Ocean water was around 67 degrees when we broke the inlet and the water was even cleaner looking than the back areas. Fishing was not hot but at least we got two fish 24 and 26 inches using chartreuse/white clouser and sinking line to salvage out the trip. Don't know why the fishing was so dead with such perfect tides and conditions. Just have to chalk it up as a slow night.

    No pictures as photo bucket has shut down third party use of photos on their site. They now want to charge you a monthly fee to continue using their service. Not worth it just just post pictures on the barn.

    Playing around I figured out how to use the thumbnails.
    Ray, some folks are suggesting you go and download your album(s) from photobucket "just in case"....

    Navigate to the album, and there is a button to download on the right side.
  • 07-14-2017, 01:59 PM

    Not sure about down where you are, but a lot of bay activity dies down up here when the upwelling from a SW causes the ocean temp to drop bigly. Even if you fish the tide breaks it seems to screw things up.
  • 07-14-2017, 01:18 PM
    After the last painful fishing trip in the back bay I was excited to get back to fly fishing this morning. We left the dock at 6:00 am in light fog with a fly and spin angler on board to fish the incoming tide. Water at the dock was 71 degrees as we headed to the inlet. Incoming water was 60 to 62 degrees and nice and clean with little to no wind and should of been perfect fishing conditions.

    The fishing just plain sucked had the fly angler using sinking line and a clouser and the spin angler switched between lures and a jig head with gulp bait. I have no idea why fishing was so poor. We fished for 2 1/2 hours at 4 different areas without getting a single real hit and foul hooked a cow nose ray that swam through our line. I fish with a no quit attitude, but I had enough. When you have ideal conditions and can't even get a few bites, you have to know when to fold them. We stopped fishing and I took them back to the dock as I believed conditions would not improve and it would of been a waster of their time and money. (the fishing was that bad)

    I have no clue as to why the fishing is so dead. No bait fish anywhere, no birds and no fish anywhere with all the perfect other conditions at you would want. Will probably just cancel trips till something changes and the tides get better at night. If there were any fish around we would of gotten a few hits. I see more life at my dock. At least there is some grass shrimp and some 1/2 inch bait fish.
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