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  • 05-31-2019, 10:43 PM
    Bit of a disappointing trip on the last day of the month. Weather was going to be nice all day with light winds. The choice was to either go out early afternoon and fish the start of the incoming in the heat of the day or fish the top of the tide and the start of the out going with lower light. Left the dock at 5:00 pm with fly fishing buddy. It was very hot all day and when we left the marina it was still very warm and the harbor water was 67 degrees,

    We headed to the ocean and when we turned to head out the inlet it was pretty cool as the water was 59.8 with the incoming tide. We worked inside the inlet and picked up a couple of small stripers and missed one using clousers on sinking line. While fishing we noticed a lot of activity north of the inlet. Checked it out and found it was a large mass of adult bunker that a school of dolphins had herded together. We tried fishing underneath all the busting bunker, hoping that a big bass might be under it. Bunker were so thick we could feel them bumping into our sinking fly lines and we were foul hooking them on almost every cast. A couple of boats came over to snag and drop, We didn't see them catch the with all the foul hooking we moved to the south side of the inlet. It too was packed with bunker and again we were foul hooking it like crazy and there were a number of boats working that pod.

    With so much bait in the water and a great tide for working the back bay we moved to the back. I was sure there would be good activity in the back.
    I Found the water in the way back 68 to 70 degrees. We were looking for white egrets to show us were some bait fish might be as we cruised from one normally hot area to another. We really covered a lot of ground and found it absolutely pitifully for this time of the year. (Usually there is good back bay action in the back by the 20th of May.) Buddy had one hit and I got one hit and landed a small striper using intermediate line and a clouser. With it so dead we decided to head back out to the ocean. There was still a good pile of bunker around and we decided fish away from all the bunker. We picked up 3 more small stripers and fished till 9:00 pm.

    When we headed back to the inlet the water was 58.2 degrees. We did get some fish on the night, but we worked hard for every fish and still not seeing any small baitfish around in the ocean or the back bay by this time of the year is really a bit strange. It is not a good sign at all.
  • 05-29-2019, 08:19 PM
    Weakfish are a real treat when you get them as they are fairly scarce at best anymore and the big ones are even fewer. Hopefully they will come back some day and I will be able to take one home for dinner without feeling guilty. (I really doubt it) They are really tasty and I can't remember the last time I killed one to eat. It might of been in the 80's when there were still a decent number around.

    Decided to do an early afternoon trip today. Main land was really hot and close to 90 and they were calling for severe thunderstorms in the late afternoon into the night. Left the dock at 2:00 pm with a spin fishing friend to fish the incoming tide. Water in the harbor was 67 degrees. Felt good when we turned to go out to the ocean. It was like air conditioning with the light wind coming off the 61 degree ocean water. Started along the inlet rocks and we picked up a few small stripers. Moved to a second spot were we caught some more stripers and a nice bluefish that I kept for dinner. Made another move to where I have be getting some weakfish and I only had one bite. It was a nice weakfish but it got off well before we could get it close enough to net. Water in the ocean was nice and clean. I got all my fish on a chartreuse/white clouser fished on sinking line with most hits close to the bottom. My buddy was fishing storm swim baits with natural color. We fished till around 5:00 pm. when off in the far distance we could see it starting to cloud up a bit. When we came back to the inlet the water near the top of the tide was 59.8 degrees. We ended the day with 14 small stripers to 22 inches and the one nice bluefish. (had it tonight and it was great) Good to be home and inside as right now storms are getting close and it looks pretty nasty.
  • 05-28-2019, 10:11 AM
    Love the weakfish reports hearing up and down this year.
  • 05-27-2019, 10:40 PM
    Hadn't fished for awhile. Fluke opening day I had to go to a memorial service in Mt Laurel for a good friend who died of heart attack after we raced remote control boats last weekend. It was a real shocker as he was only 58 and in great shape with no previous conditions. He died of a heart problem similar to mine, only he never made it to even the hospital where he could of been helicoptered to a heart facility. (not a good start to the memorial day weekend)

    Rest of the weekend was fun. Had my daughters family down and the two grand kids 5 and 8 years old. Took the family out for a joy ride and to look at the dolphins. No fishing as it was the typical everybody and their brother out fishing or cruising. Holidays are always like the scene in the JAWS movie. Even went to the beach and all the other things associated with Memorial day weekend and kids. Arcade, downtown, golf, bike riding and the Memorial Parade Service at the Coast Guard Base.

    Early afternoon after company left for home I decided I would give fishing a try now that all the crazies would be off the water. Almost didn't go as the both high tides of the day were going to be very low and there would be very little current to activate feeding. The deciding factor was little to no wind. Left the dock at 6:15 pm with the tide about 1/2 out. Went to the back bay first to try a couple of rip lines that should produce. Water in the back was 67 to 70 degrees but the water was very brown. (probably from all the rain during the thunderstorms last night.) Got one hit and landed a 16 1/2 inch striper on the first rip line and got one hit and landed a 17 inch striper on the other rip line. They were caught on chartreuse/white clousers fished on intermediate line. After spending 20 minutes on each rip I decided to move to the ocean.

    Ocean water was 61.8 to 62.9 and nice and clean. It was beautiful and there was only one other boat out that I saw fishing. First spot that I tried I got a quick almost back to back 4 stripers. Fish were from 20 to 23 1/2 inches long. All caught on chartreuse/white clousers on sinking line. With the wind and wave action down to almost nothing I decide to make another move and go try for some weakfish.

    First fish that I hooked up was a 17 1/2 inch fluke and the second was my first spike weakfish of the season. Shortly after that I hooked a really nice weakfish around 24 to 25 inches only to loose it trying to net it. That is the only problem with using 9 foot fly rods. Trying to net decent fish without high sticking and breaking your graphite rod. Could of used a net man. Didn't ask anyone to go out with me as I thought the fishing might be pretty slow. The rest of the night I got 2 more spike weakfish and called it quits about 9:00 pm.
  • 05-22-2019, 04:40 PM
    With all the sailing this weekend and all the heavy wind yesterday hadn't fished since Thursday. Mid morning I was doing some work around the house and noticed there was very little wind. Checked the weather and they said there 6 mph winds out of the north northeast and it was going to pick up a bit and switch to south southeast in the early afternoon and Thursday they were calling for pretty good winds again. Made a quick call to fishing buddy Peter and we left the dock at 11:00 am. and would catch the last half hour of the incoming tide and fish outgoing. Water was as clean as I have seen it all year. Looked more like Florida water then Jersey water. We decided to work inside the inlet before heading out and running down beach. Water was 56.4 and it didn't take long before I got the first striper. After catching a few stripers we decided to move. The next two spots also held stripers. In total we caught 17 with most in the 17 1/2 to 22 inch size. Also caught 2 19 inch bluefish that I kept for dinner. Everything was caught on chartreuse/white clousers on sinking line. We tried 3 additional spots in the ocean and got no hits but did have a nice fish follow fly close to the surface before turning away. I was looking down on it and couldn't tell if it was a bass or a weakfish as it happened pretty fast. With the bright sunlight and the super clear water, it might of been a little too nice. On the way back to the dock we decided to go into the back bay and try 2 nice rip lines around a sod bank area. Neither of us got a hit and again the water was very clean and with the bright light, not productive so we headed back to the dock around 3:00 pm. Never saw any signs of any baitfish the whole trip.
  • 05-20-2019, 04:11 PM
    We have a jon boat at the model sailing club there. We use it to change the racing bouys, depending on the wind direction or to retrieve a boat where battery or servo fails. Even though toy boats they get pretty expensive. I have one boat that I sail that was over $3,000.00 new last year. It has three mast and sail set ups for different wind speeds. Us old guys who use to race real sailboats can still have fun trying to kick each others butts. Still just as competitive as when we were younger and a lot less work than a real boat. No having to find a crew or have to feed and supply them with beer.
  • 05-20-2019, 01:28 PM
    nice...who had the jon boat?

    so glad you got Das Boot back heir capitan!
  • 05-20-2019, 11:19 AM
    Fishing of a different kind this weekend. Had to run up to my daughters for Grand Kids school program and cub scout awards in the evening. On the way up I stopped at a cedar lake and managed two really small pickerel, the biggest maybe 12 inches long. (big thrill?) Saturday I raced a remote control sailboat regatta in Spring Lake. On the way back to my daughters I stopped at a lake and piked up a crappie and small largemouth. (a little more fun then the pickerel) Sunday it was back to Spring lake for another sailboat regatta with another type of boat that I race. All was going well. Good weather and good winds, sometimes too much wind. I was really doing well after the first 9 races and in the top three points wise, when an inexperienced sailor lost control of his boat in a big gust and hit me broad side. Boats were fairly far away and I couldn't see if there was any damage. Sailed it toward the finish line and the side that I was hit on was out of the water. Went to tack on the other side to head to the finish and within about 15 seconds my boat headed to the bottom of the lake like a submarine.

    The lake right in Spring Lake is fairly shallow but my boat went down in the deepest part where it was 15 feet deep. Not wanting to loose a $700.00 boat I ran to the Reel Seat Tackle shop and got two of the biggest weighted treble hooks that you could use for snagging bunker and some crabbing line. Worked for about 2 hours in john boat trying to snag my boat and finally hooked it and was able to bring it to the surface without damaging anything else. (Biggest and best catch of the weekend) Got it right as I was ready to give up and was thinking I might have to hire a diver. Was really lucky as with the 20 mph plus wind the aluminum boat was drifting fast like a balloon on the water making it difficult to control the dragging hooks over where I thought the boat went down. Ended up in 6th place even without sailing the last 4 races.

    You can see why she went down so fast. Will have to rename her U-Boat 28
  • 05-17-2019, 10:13 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by CapeMayRay View Post
    Sorry to hear it wasn't a great day at Corson's. Always from the beach you have to work harder for your fish and a bite off always hurts more. I alway like fishing there, but with the high full moon tide last night you probably ran out of room to even walk back to the car. When I said there were light winds, I guess it is all a matter of opinion. It was still fairly windy for us last night but nothing like the day before and by the time we were heading in the wind had picked up out of the southeast and the wave action also picked up with the electric motor prop popping out of the water here and there.
    ok, yes, wind is always relative

    Just when you are on shore, you can't change directions to accommodate too much. I haven't hit it really well at Corsen's... always a day (or week) late (or early), but that's fishing... and yes, the walk back was mostly slogging through water. Reminded me of wading the upper Delaware, but without the current (or stones... come to think of it, guess it's not like the big D LOL)

    I didn't see bait guys on either side doing anything, nor the couple of boats drifting by, so it's not like the fish were there cleaning up chunks or anything else. If the one striper to my right or the 2 to my left had been any size, I would've been jealous but nah, not for 15" fish
  • 05-17-2019, 08:36 AM
    Sorry to hear it wasn't a great day at Corson's. Always from the beach you have to work harder for your fish and a bite off always hurts more. I alway like fishing there, but with the high full moon tide last night you probably ran out of room to even walk back to the car. When I said there were light winds, I guess it is all a matter of opinion. It was still fairly windy for us last night but nothing like the day before and by the time we were heading in the wind had picked up out of the southeast and the wave action also picked up with the electric motor prop popping out of the water here and there.
  • 05-17-2019, 06:46 AM
    Well, it was not the best day fishing at Corsen's Inlet yesterday, but was one of those "nice to be out there" trips. Met up with the club members at the lot, think about 10 including a couple of new fly anglers came out. There were some some stripers (15" ish) small blues, and a couple of small fluke caught by what info I could gather. For me, I had one good blue on at the inlet but got bit off, and then a couple of hits and that was it from 3:30 - 7:30 or so. Funny there was no wind for you Ray, up here there was a stiff S-SW wind in our face until about 7, maybe 10 steady with gusts to 15+. For a while it felt it went up steady to close to 15 but not for too long. As the sun got lower so did the wind... but the bite never picked up while I was there. I waited for the start of the outgoing and then had to leave.
  • 05-16-2019, 10:10 PM
    Had best trip of the year today. Started out similar to yesterday. Worked around the yard most of the day and with lighter winds than yesterday I decided to go out fishing again. Called my fly fishing buddy Peter and we left the dock at 3:45 pm. Again we were going to fish the incoming full moon tide which was going to be 5.4 feet of high water. Hit the ocean and the water was 55.6 degrees and much cleaner and far less rough than Wednesday afternoon and I was expecting a good sea herring bite like yesterday and maybe a couple of bluefish and stripers. Even saw a bald eagle sitting on a pole as we started to fish.

    First spot that we tried I caught a nice 20 inch blue fish and my buddy Peter got bitten off. The second spot I caught a small striper. On our third move we hit the mother load. We both hooked up at the same time. Peter had the better fish so I let my fish run a bit and helped net his fish. It was a beautiful 23 inch weakfish. I then reeled in my fish and I had a 19 inch weakfish. Both of us were using chartreuse/white clouser flies and sinking line.

    The rest of the afternoon we worked that spot to death. In total we landed 21 nice size weakfish. Most of the fish were 22 to 24 inches and all fought really great on 8 wt rods. We were having the afternoon of our lives. We must of just hit the right place at the right time. We had 4 times where we were both hooked up at the same time and must of missed another 7 or 8 that got off during the fight. In-between we also picked up another 3 bluefish and never got a single sea herring the whole afternoon. We took some pictures and released all fish and were soaking in every minute of our great trip.

    It was the fantastic fly rod fishing and catching few and far between weakfish. It reminded me of the days when they were strong in the Delaware Bay and you could catch them with out hardly trying. We stopped fishing at 6:30 pm with the fish still biting as we both told our wives we would be back by 7:00 pm. for dinner.

    It was just an awsome 3 hours of fishing. We will have to see it might just be the best trip of the year as a day like this is just comes along once in a blue moon.
  • 05-15-2019, 10:29 PM
    After working around the yard all day I was ready for a break. Checked the weather and they were calling for 9 to 10 mph winds. Left the dock at 3:30 pm with a plug fishing buddy and we headed to the inlet. We were a bit disappointed when we got there. The water was pretty brown and the wind was blowing out of the southeast around 15 mph. and there was a good chop on the ocean.

    Brown water and the wind didn't seem to bother the fish. Started catching sea herring right away and the bite continued the whole time we fished. Chartreuse/white clouser was hot. My buddy was using a rubber swim bait and had one bite off from a bluefish and caught a couple of sea herring. I missed a bluefish and got on small striper. After getting bounced around for an hour and half we decided to leave the biting fish and head to the back bay.

    Should of headed back earlier as with the close to full moon super high tide. (5.2 feet of incoming water) The tide was way up over the sod banks already.
    It was difficult fishing as we couldn't really see where the sod banks were, but we managed two bluefish and missed another, one of which I kept for dinner.

    With the tide just starting to go out we decided to head in, instead of fighting all the straw that would be coming off the banks on the out going tide and were back to the dock by 6:30. We both had a good afternoon and I had a great bluefish dinner.
  • 05-13-2019, 02:06 PM
    love to catch & release weakies my favorite fish hope they make a comeback in my lifetime
  • 05-13-2019, 10:23 AM
    Always a treat to catch a few weakfish. A couple of years ago it looked like they might be making a come back but then the last few years there have not been as many. They are really a tasty fish to eat but I can't justify killing one until the stocks are in better shape. I miss the days when they were around and could be caught everywhere during the season.

    Saturday did get my first ugly bass of the year. It had sea lice on it, the tail was all shreaded and bleeding. It had sores on it's mouth and was missing scales and the skin on the side looked abnormal. You wonder whether it was right to release it or should you of put it out of it's misery.
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