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  • 06-29-2019, 08:27 AM
    Wanted to get in a fishing trip before all the weekend crazies get down and I have company this weekend and they do not fish.

    No one was able to go out with me tonight so I headed out by myself. With the wind blowing fairly good off the ocean and with high tide around 6:00 pm I decided I would try the back as it has been awhile. Left the dock at 6:00 pm. First spot the water was clean and 71 to 73 degrees. Started out with a deceiver on intermediate line and caught 2 nice bass, 21 to 22 inches, but they had lots of red sores on them. Fishing 2 to 4 feet of water I switched to a steroid gurgler popping fly and floating line. Caught two more about the same size to 22 inches also with sores, I missed 3 other good top water hits and lost a decent fish that I thought I had hooked good. It looked to be about 24 or 25 inches. Had to work about a half mile of shore line as never got more than on hit or fish at any one spot.

    When the tide started going out strong I decided to move to the other side of the sound where there were more creek where I usually do pretty well. It was a mistake. Water there was way warmer. 78 to 79.8 degrees. Wasn't getting any hits on the popper so I changed back to the deceiver. With the water so warm I was not getting the action that I anticipated so I when to where the water was a little cooler around 73 to 74. Got three more stripers but they were smaller and right as it was getting pretty dark at the end of my trip I caught a small fluke that hit my fly near the surface. Called it a night at 9:15 Thought the last part of the trip would of been the best fishing but it turned out even with the brighter light the first part was better. Had a fun night and there was never another boat out fishing where I was.
  • 06-26-2019, 11:19 PM
    Thought I would try and duplicate last night's fishing trip as the forecast for the night was exactly like Tuesday night. Left the dock at 6:30 pm with a spin fishing friend. We headed out to the ocean to fish the bottom of the out going tide. Ocean water was 68.2 degree and nice and clean. Unlike yesterday when there was very little wind we had about a 10 mph wind out of the southeast. There was a little bit of chop, but not bad. Compared to yesterday we caught fish at all 4 spots that we fished. We had another good night of fishing catching 19 fish in total, but all fish were smaller than the night before and quit fishing at 9:30 pm We caught 19 fish on the night. 7 fluke with the biggest about 16 inches and 12 weakfish with the largest at 18 inches with most 15 and 16 inches, I caught using a chartreuse/white clouser fished on sinking line and buddy caught on jig heads tipped with gulp mullet. Overall it was a good 3 hours of fishing and we released all fish.

    We had another great sunset. Not quite as spectacular as last night, but still pretty good. Tonight with the wind it felt good to put on sweat shirts as it was cooler and the wind never died down like they said it would. Good night number wise, just no size to the fish.
  • 06-26-2019, 11:46 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by CapeMayRay View Post
    I have tried those 2 handed rod. Never liked them. Yes you can get out a much longer cast. Might work better up north where you might try and cast out in between sand bars or a school of feeding fish might be working past normal casting range. Other than that you have to strip heavier line on a heavier rod. After a few hours of casting and striping it may get old. With a little practice you should be able to cast 75 feet with a regular fly rod. When I fish the surf I find most of the fish are in the wash right behind the first waves. Most of the time you will get your fish in close more so then the guys trying to cast to England. Like all fishing it is structure, structure, structure. Be it the wash, rip line, jetty etc. Fish are always looking for an advantage to feed and the water doesn't have to be all that deep. Fishing a prime are at a prime tide or time of day is much more important than being able to cast far.

    If you get that 2 hander let me know how you like it and if it works for you.
    Will do. While your points are valid, there is definitely an application for the 2 hander. Not really a heavier line, since this was a 6 wt, the line was equivalent to a 9wt. The ease of casting 50 with this vs. 50 with a conventional is significant and IF distance is needed, it would definitely, without question, be easier with the 2 handed rod.
  • 06-26-2019, 11:11 AM
    I have tried those 2 handed rod. Never liked them. Yes you can get out a much longer cast. Might work better up north where you might try and cast out in between sand bars or a school of feeding fish might be working past normal casting range. Other than that you have to strip heavier line on a heavier rod. After a few hours of casting and striping it may get old. With a little practice you should be able to cast 75 feet with a regular fly rod. When I fish the surf I find most of the fish are in the wash right behind the first waves. Most of the time you will get your fish in close more so then the guys trying to cast to England. Like all fishing it is structure, structure, structure. Be it the wash, rip line, jetty etc. Fish are always looking for an advantage to feed and the water doesn't have to be all that deep. Fishing a prime are at a prime tide or time of day is much more important than being able to cast far.

    If you get that 2 hander let me know how you like it and if it works for you.
  • 06-26-2019, 09:37 AM
    Great report!

    As an aside, got a chance to cast a 2 handed rod for the first time at last week's club meeting. For the surf, this rod would be a game changer, especially out front. Not suitable for a boat, nor needed, but effortlessly laid out 50' + on the first cast ever attempted.

    Have to clear out some stuff, but do plan on getting a 2 hander in the future.
  • 06-26-2019, 09:06 AM
    Had a great forecast for Tuesday night. Fishing buddy Peter and I left the dock at 6:30 pm to fish the last of the outgoing tide, with dead low at 8:48 pm. With hardly any wind we left the dock and headed to the inlet. Water at the dock was 73. In the ocean was 68 degrees, with no wave action and very little current. The afternoon high tide was very low with only 3.9 feet of high water, so there was not much water to flow out.

    It was one of those perfect summer nights that you dream about. It was in the 70's and all of the heat of the day was gone. There was no wind or wave activity and the fish were biting. We moved to first spot and started catching. Both of us fished chartreuse/white clousers on sinking line and in the shallow water we fished our flies bouncing on the bottom. We caught 4 species of fish.

    We worked 4 spots on the night. Two produced and two were totally dead. We caught 1 sea bass, 5 fluke (two of which were keepers 18 1/2 and 18 1/4 inchers which we kept.) 7 nice weakfish and to end the night, after dark we stopped back at the inlet jetties and with still no signs of any tide moving were lucky enough to pickup two stripers to end the night. We headed for the dock at 9:30 pm. We released all our fish except for the 2 keeper fluke.

    Also making the night special, we were treated to a super beautiful red sky sunset. It was a perfect night and a with a fluke dinner for Wednesday night, life is good.
  • 06-24-2019, 03:09 PM
    Did take a break from saltwater fishing this weekend. Friend asked me if I wanted to race a remote control Star Class sailboat regatta on Saturday on the Delaware River. He was willing to lend me his back up race boat, so I was off to Riverton where my Grandkids live. Got to sail in some pretty heavy winds on Saturday which at times were a bit over powering for the boats with their fixed sail area. Even managed to come in 3rd overall after 16 races, so it was a good day. Grand kids even came down to watch some races.

    While I was in Riverton I volunteered to take the two grand kids for the night so my daughter and her husband could go out to dinner and said I would take the boys all day Sunday and we would have great day of adventure and fishing. After a morning of Lego building and nerf gun wars we were off to lunch, Walmart for some worms and then a lake for our fishing. Got to lake and found right where we normally fish for sunfish there were 6 kayakers and parents with 8 kids swimming in the water. (which you are not allow to) We were forced to try a not so good area, and it was just that, not so good, due to bright sun, no structure and being fairly shallow. There were a couple of other spots that I might fish, but with a lot of poison ivy around I wasn't going chance those areas.

    Decided to shift gears and take them to the Delaware River, two blocks away from their house and instead of using small hooks and bobbers we would put on a little larger hook and a sinker and try for some catfish, perch or what ever. Got to the river and found it was very low tide and the water was coming in. The water was very dirty and had lots of weed and debris, so much that we could even keep a line in with out getting all fouled up. When you have a 6 and a 9 year old with those conditions it is no fun. Ended up leaving, getting some water ice, going to a park with the promise of coming back at high tide after dinner.

    Finally, after dinner we came back to the same spot. All the debris was gone and the water was pretty clean. First cast one of the boys got a small striper. It had to be all of 9 inches (picture angle makes it look much larger) I was thinking that maybe it would be a interesting night. After that it was all white perch. There was one decent one but most were very small and there must of been tons of them out there as they would get hits on just about every cast. The boys were excited and had a great time. We must of caught close to 20 fish in the hour that we fished and a perfect way to end the day.

    It was good to see such a good amount of life in the river. I was a bit surprised as when I fished there as a kid it was mostly eels and catfish of which we got none. Now they are all excited to go again and already bugging their dad (who is not a real fishermen) to go again. He did get a freshwater license and after showing him how along with the boys last night he should be good to go.
  • 06-21-2019, 10:34 AM
    I am good with giving up the chartering. After doing it for 30 years and seeing how it has gone down hill, especially in the last 10 years it was the right decision. This year would be tough to do charters as you have to pick the day to fish in advance. The way the weather has been you would be very lucky to get a nice day on the day you picked and with the weekend weather wind has made most of them unfishable. A friend of mine who is still doing the small boat charters has had to cancel more trips than he would like due to the weather. Nice thing about not doing charters is that I can turn on a dime and go out to fish with in a half hour if weather or tide is right. I rarely fish very long. I think my longest trip of the season has been 4 hours with most trips 2 1/2 to 3 hours. When I go with my fly fishing friends, they are experienced and know how to fish the areas, with the right mechancis to catch. With charters with little to no saltwater expericence you almost have to teach them on the job making them less effective at catching.

    The problem is that your brain remembers the way fishing was and it is hard to accept the way it is. With all my years of flyfishing you develop the confidence that if you can't catch them on a fly they are just not there. I still get excited to go out fishing like a little kid always anticipating catching a lot or a really nice fish. The toughest part mentally is seeing how everything has changed for the worst.

    A round the inlet rocks even in April there would be loads of baitfish running up and down the jetties. The back eddies around the jetties at the inlet and along the beach would hold pods of bait fish and during prime tides or time of day there would be decent sized preditor fish feeding there. Fishing at night there was always game fish roaming along the rocks and catching decent size fish was fairly common. Every big full or new moon tide you would see bird play around the inlet or some where along beach.

    Going into the back bay, I remember my first times exploring into the back shallows. You would see pods of spearing and mud minnows along the sod banks and would not have to go far to find pod after pod. There would be peanut bunker schools that you would find at scattered here and there. When fishing pre-dawn, dusk you could see baitfish being spooked, or swirling fish feeding on the bait fish. After dark you could hear lots or pops made by feeding fish sucking down baitfish off the surface. Every single creek mouth or rip line almost always held a good number of fish. Looking at the sod banks you would see fiddler crabs ducking back into their holes and see loads of hard shell crabs swimming in the current.

    Even areas where you could see sandy bottom in 8 feet of water, now have about 2 to 4 inches of mucky black silty mud covering them. There are still some fish to be found, but with the lack of bait fish, you have to work super hard to catch. What I use to think of as a slow trip is now considered a good trip.

    You don't even have to leave the marina to see the lack of baitfish. Crabs use to be clinging on slip poles or on the sides of floating docks picking off grass shrimp. Speaking of grass shrimp there use to be huge amounts under the floating docks. Now there is very little. When there were lots of baitfish around seagulls rarely ate mussels off of the floating docks and they would be covered. Now they have all been completely eaten off along with all the green crabs that use to be there. It has been years since I have seen any mussels. By late June there would bee schools of peanut bunker roaming along the docks and it would be easy to throw a cast net, just once and get more than enough live bait fish. Again it has been years since I have seen any. At night it was normal to have fish feeding in the dock shadow lines and you would hear pop after pop.

    This total overall change, I believe is the reason why we do not see the numbers of game fish in our back bays anymore. There is not as much decent forage for them. I also believe the beach replenishment and the out to three mile dredging for the sand to fill the beaches has created a dead zone to a degree. Migrating fish feeding outside that zone have sand eels and other baitfish and as them swim in toward the beach the find less and less food and many either stay out or move further north.

    Bigger fish need larger baitfish. Yes they do eat smaller stuff, but it take a lot more effort to fill up on small stuff. Here in Cape May it is June and all I see in our back bays is little 1/2 inch baitfish. Now what kind of decent fish wants to feed on that.

    Sorry for the rant. Will I stop fishing? No! I am too stupid. It is too much apart of my life and an addiction that is impossible to overcome. I will probably be out there fishing when there is only one fish left to catch and a thousand others like me are out there trying to catch it.
  • 06-20-2019, 02:48 PM
    Ray, your reports almost make me wonder if you hung up your charter shingle too soon (key word: "almost" )
  • 06-19-2019, 08:17 PM
    Another good day of fishing. Decided to go out mid afternoon and hit the same tide conditions as yesterday. Called same buddy that I fished with yesterday and we left the dock at 3:15 pm. and headed out to the inlet. No signs of any bird play today and the water was not as brown as the day before. Water temps were 69 to 70 degrees and the wind was blowing about 10 or 12 mph out of the southeast. We found some cleaner water and started catching. We were both using clousers on sinking line. I was using a chartreuse/white color and Peter was using a yellow/white one. We ended up with 9 weakfish (only two were around 16 inches and the other 7 were 18 to 20 inches long), 3 short fluke, and 3 very small snapper blues around 12 inches. We released all fish caught and we missed a good number of strikes. Near the bottom they were probably small fluke and we could see small snappers following our flies and nipping at them. All and all it was a good afternoon and we headed back to the dock around 6:15 pm. having enough fun for the afternoon.
  • 06-18-2019, 08:37 PM
    Just like yesterday they were calling for early evening thunderstorms. It was either fish midafternoon or wait untill there was another weather window later in the week. I left the dock at 2:15 pm with fly fishing buddy and we decided to head out to the ocean to fish the last of the outgoing tide and the start of the incoming. Ocean was our only shot at the back bay had no water. We broke the inlet and found the water very brown and in the upper 60's. There were birds working over what looked to be 12 inch snapper blues so we didn't even waste time casting.

    We headed in to the beach front as the was a very light southerly wind and not the heavy ground swell like yesterday. Water here was nice and clean and we were able to fish fairly shallow water. Fishing was a little different than we expected. Started off with a small striper and a sea herring and then it was all fluke and weakfish. Landed 7 short fluke and must of missed at least 4 others. Caught 4 small weakfish that all looked like they came out of the same mold. They were all 16 1/2 inches long.

    Everything was caught on clousers using sinking line. We released all caught fish and would of stayed out longer as weather was not a problem, but buddy had be home by 5:30 pm. so we headed back to the dock at 5:00 pm. No big fish but good action and we had a fun afternoon.
  • 06-17-2019, 02:20 PM
    Really wanted to fish the afternoon tide Monday as it would be so much better than the very low high tide this morning, but they were calling for thunder storms to start rolling in late afternoon until after dark. Left the dock with a fellow fly fisherman at 7:15 am. Light west winds with the tide coming in. When we cleared the inlet the water was around 65 degrees. The water was a bit brownish and we worked a couple of spots catching one striper on a clouser and sinking line. Really wanted to work in close to the beach but from all the wind we had in previous days there was still a good ground swell and some decent surf.

    With the ocean not what we wanted, we decided to move to the back bay to fish the very last of the incoming and the start of the outgoing tide. Water in the back was 68 to 71 degrees and a bit brownish. We had to work hard for each of the five more bass and one small bluefish that we caught. No one area was hot. It was just grind along working sod banks and creek mouths and looking for signs of life. Only saw a few small signs of baitfish the whole time. Found a couple little sections that had some very small 1/2 bait fish. We caught all our fish in 2 to 4 feet of water using clousers on intermediate lines. At 10:30 am the sun was high the water was getting lower and it started getting hot, so we decided to call it a day. With this weather getting hot it will now be an early morning, late afternoon till dark or after dark fishing for me. I don't like this mid day hot weather.
  • 06-13-2019, 08:48 PM
    With it cloudy and windy I decided to go down to the boat and do a little cleaning and some waxing. After about an hour of working on the boat the wind completely died out and gnats came out in full force and I didn't feel like spraying down with bug juice. Decided to go up to the car and grab a couple of flyrods and check out the fishing. Left the dock around 2:30 pm. Water at the marina was a bit brown and 68 degrees. Decided to run out to the inlet with the tide about half way in. Got to the inlet and found the water still pretty brown and 65 degrees. Saw the first decent amount of bird play, this year. Bunch of terns working over some small bluefish. With a really strong incoming tide and some good swells the inlet was a bit sporty. Tried to fish around the rocks and managed 3 small blues around 15 inches and one 17 inch striper. Caught on chartreuse/white clousers with sinking line. After taking a couple of pretty good waves over the transom I made the move to the back bay.

    With pretty good water in the back I did the old run and gun, hitting as many prime spots as I could while looking for some baitfish or signs of life. Right as I Left for the back bay the wind started to pick up again and there was bright sun. I covered a good amount of area and it all looked dead. Did get a decent bass off a shallow flat and one out of a creek mouth. Thought I would find more action in the back but it never happened. Was happy to get in an unexpected trip and came in at 4:30 pm to get ready for a dinner out with friends.
  • 06-13-2019, 11:14 AM
    Still just waiting for a nice day to fish or a few hour period where the wind lets up. Can't remember as many windy days in a row at this time of year. Just can't get excited about fly fishing in winds from the mid teens and up. There has been no let up. Looking ahead at up coming days it looks like the wind is still going to be strong. This waiting for it to get nice is getting old.
  • 06-08-2019, 08:11 PM
    Was hoping to get out this weekend but looks like nothing but wind out of the north northeast for the next two days. With no place to hide and have fun I used the cool day to trim my tall hedges. (one of those yard jobs that really hate as they are 8 feet tall and it is way too much up and down the latter)
    Luckily it was nice and cool and not too bad and it will free me up next week to fish. Did talk to friend that I had out fishing earlier this week. Friday he got two weakfish a small striper and a few small bluefish while fly fishing in North Wildwood. Hew was using chartreuse/white clousers and fishing after dark.
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