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  1. Offshore Fishing Forum
    Now that we've started our Bahamas Fishing season, we will be using this thread to post all of our latest up to date information on what's going on. Realtime reports, split charter opportunities, and other Bahamas Fishing information. If you any questions about Fishing in the Bahamas, just throw...
  2. Offshore Fishing Forum
    Bahamas Fishing Update The wahoo bite continues to be very strong. Today we had a short morning half day trip, boating 2 wahoo to 30 lbs today. Our fish today were caught on the deep rod, yozuri combo as well as a billy bait bally combo. We fished for just a short time catching the 2 wahoo...
  3. Offshore Fishing Forum
    I think you guys will like this one.... Show should be incredible. The camera guys shot twice as much footage as they've ever done on one of his shows. Fishing was off the hook, and we got it all on film for a change. I have no idea how much will end up being aired, because they have so much...
1-3 of 3 Results