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    This is Mike Iaconelli's tournament boat. The skin has to come off of it. It is silver with a black lightening bolt. The body is in very good condition. 250 Yamaha V Max HPDI Stainless Steel Prop Minnekota Maxum Pro 101 Trolling Motor Lowrance LMS 332 - In Dash and up front Lowrance LCX 26...
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    No Haggle pricing. In stock: Tracker Grizzly 1436 Jon Tracker Grizzly 1448 Jon Tracker Pro-Guide V15 Tracker Pro-Guide V16 Tracker Pro 16 Tracker Pro-Team 170 TX Tracker Pro-Team 175 TXW Tracker Pro- Team 190TX Tracker Signature Fishin' Barge 21' More models to be delivered Wednesday...
1-2 of 2 Results