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  1. Inshore Fishing Forum
    I keep seeing people fishing on the south and north sides of the cold springs inlet, anybody have any idea how they get on there? South side of jetty is marked with no trespassing signs and is marked as Coast Guard property, not sure about the north side.
  2. Offshore Fishing Forum
    I feel like we need a small boat forum for boats under 23ft that fish the inshore grounds to share Intel. I fish a 21ft angler out of TI and fish as far as the cigar. If you are interested and would like to share Intel feel free to chime in. Have a nice weekend.
  3. Delaware Bay Forum
    Stopped in over the weekend and saw Tom. Place is looking great and Tom told me the channel is all dredged so he now has 9' of water out to the Bay. He did say that slips are going fast. I'm ready to get out there!
  4. Home Port.
    not sure if this can help anyone. Sure was cold and slightly difficult to photograph when only your head sticks out of the cockpit. Degan
1-4 of 4 Results