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  1. The Tackle Box
    As the title suggests, I have made a simple Chatterbait in a form of a Jika Rig (jig rig). You can slay just about any species with it I bet. So find your size blade, hook, weight and splitring and get to it! #thefishdontwait Enjoy the video as I have caught some bass with em. i'll try em for...
  2. Freshwater Forum
    I never really thrown a chatterbait, but seeing people do it, I told myself I had to give it a shot this season. Went out 2nd week of April to search for some prespawn bass. Air temp was 50 degrees forecasted to go up to 53, so water must be at least in high 40s, if not 50 since it was right...
1-2 of 2 Results