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  1. Offshore Fishing Forum
    It’s never too early to think about Sea Bass and Black Fish. The Anchorman Wreck Anchors is an American company striving for a better American made product. These anchors where developed and manufactured by me Chuck the Anchorman and are Patent-Pending. Being a bottom fisherman at heart I saw a...
  2. Offshore Fishing Forum
    We had another good overnighter guys managed 5yft to 70lbs on the chunk plus plenty of action on smaller stuff to keep everyone busy until weather got to bumpy for drifting and we had to drop the hook for the rest of the night and that wasn't as productive as drifting for us unless u wanted to...
  3. Striped Bass Forum
    I got the report right up after we got into the crazy jigging action so people could get out there while the fish are here - finally getting a chance to post a little of the video we took. I'm getting so psyched going back through the footage. Yeeeehaaaa! Such a great way to bring it into the...
1-3 of 3 Results