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    Hello folks, I have only fished for flatties in various back bays around Cape May County in depths from 5-30 ft. I typically use a 1/2 oz to 1 oz bucktail with a gulp or minnow trailer about 12" behind the bucktail on 20 lb mono leader. I will be fishing the inshore wrecks in the upcoming weeks...
  2. Inshore Fishing Forum
    Where are you catching the big ones at?
  3. Barn Sale
    I'm in need of some extra cash so my Quantum sl40 PTs Inshore Reel is for Sale. Asking $100. Includes 100 yards of Super Slick 20lb. Fast Facts: 2.5 years old Well taken care of! Oiled/greased annually .Rinsed after usage. No big fish caught on it, not even a keeper Some minor scuff marks...