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  1. The Open Boat Forum
  2. Offshore Fishing Forum
    Hi, we will be using this thread to post all of our latest up to date information on what's happening in Islamorada. Realtime reports, split charter opportunities, and other Islamorada Fishing information. If you any questions related to Fishing in Islamorada, just throw them up here and we'll...
  3. Offshore Fishing Forum"]Islamorada Fishing Report Happy Holidays everybody! Sorry been out of touch the last few days, been real busy. Well the fishing has not let up. Those who choose to sailfish can still expect to see between 4 and 8 fish a...
  4. Offshore Fishing Forum
    The Sail fishing has been wonderful, many days with 6 or better! The fish have been just outside the reef edge, in about 90 to 150 feet of water. There have been lots of sardines and cigar minnows. When the Sails are balling bait, the most productive way to hook up a Sailfish is by belly hooking...
1-4 of 4 Results