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  1. The Tackle Box
    As the title suggests, I have made a simple Chatterbait in a form of a Jika Rig (jig rig). You can slay just about any species with it I bet. So find your size blade, hook, weight and splitring and get to it! #thefishdontwait Enjoy the video as I have caught some bass with em. i'll try em for...
  2. Freshwater Forum
    The bite is picking up but they haven't really gotten away from the open waters. Some of them are going into the channels and are headed their way back along with the bass and shad, but with the crazy weather, they stayed mainly on the big flats. Bellies are not big yet, but will get big as...
  3. Freshwater Forum
    Hope yall are doing well! If yall need one lure for the fall bite, what would it be? I opt for a Swimbait on an underspin. It stands out and you will get ton of bites! You will even see bass fight each other for em! it's insane!
  4. Freshwater Forum
    Let's get straight to the video shall we!
  5. Freshwater Forum
    Fall bite been hot the past 2 weeks! this was from last week, water temp was 53 degrees and the bass was chasing the shad. Threw my custom lure that I have been using since earlier this year and been killing it! spring bass and fall bass both love it! Check out the action but don't be too far...
  6. Freshwater Forum
    I know i know, it's a bass community here, but when bass fishing slows and another species bite, we gotta go get em! I mean look at them gnarly teeth! Certainly would be crowned as the river king with these chompers!
  7. Freshwater Forum
    I had to admit, i wasn't going out for crappies, but when the crappies bite your bass lure, and they are big as heck.. do you change lures to try to catch bass or do you keep at it and keep catching big crappies? I stuck w/ catching crappies, but mind you this lure have a hook size of 3/0 and...
  8. Sandy Hook/Raritan Bay Forum
    HOWDY ALL! Check out my latest catch and cook video. It was a collaborative one where my buddy caught the porgy and I cooked it using his recipe! Amazingly very very good! What is your favorite way to cook Porgies?
  9. Freshwater Forum
    I rarely go target yellow perch, but knowing that they school, I have decided to take a part of the trip to target them. I was hoping for a big yellow one, but unfortunately, the giant yellow perch that I have seen on social media are from Europe and they are actually a different strain than...
  10. Freshwater Forum
    So with bass post spawn going around areas, it was slow bass fishing for early June (for some folks that is). That doesn't deter me from trying to catch fish. I worked hard that morning not able to get a bass off the lilies, via topwater frog, so i switched over to bluegill fishing. These pan...
  11. Freshwater Forum
    First time coming here (after a terrible time at Iona LOL) fished half day right after post spawn bassin. I saw plenty of bass beds empty. only a few of them where some pan fish started to circle around the beds getting ready to spawn. I would assume by now (today is 6/9/17 as i am writing...
  12. Freshwater Forum
    Hey Guys went to Iona Lake to try to fish a local lake, but it was extremely tough! I thought that because there are so many lilies that i could go and do top water all day for some bites but man i was wrong! Maybe bass are doing their post spawn and are lazy? The best I could get were some...
  13. Freshwater Forum
    Went up to manasquan to see what's popping. thought i could get some crappies but couldn't locate them :(. Got a few fish tho, jumbo bluegill, a largemouth and smallmouth. found some fish in open water/isolated hump but it was just to hard to hold. probably picked up a few hybrids while paddling...
  14. Freshwater Forum
    Good lord summer can be hard fishing, but I have been fishing deeper ponds, sandwash and larger bodies of water and got some luck.. such as this huge giant Chain pickerel! I dunno how heavy it was but it was certainly beating my last year pickerel. My brother and buddy estimated that its...
  15. Home Port.
    A bit late, but I went out memorial weekend and caught a ton of short fluke. Here is the video to my trip:
  16. Freshwater Forum
    Fishing report - it was cold on Halloween. I got there 7:30 and it was 27 degrees when i launched. Luckily the water was still warm, mid 50s, which was pretty neat in the morning as this produce a nice fog over the waters. I caught many crappies, 2 smallies and a dinky largemouth. My personal...
1-16 of 16 Results