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  1. Freshwater Forum
    The bite is picking up but they haven't really gotten away from the open waters. Some of them are going into the channels and are headed their way back along with the bass and shad, but with the crazy weather, they stayed mainly on the big flats. Bellies are not big yet, but will get big as...
  2. Freshwater Forum
    Oct 3rd air temp morning 48, high of 70 Water temp, low 50, highs 65.5f Using a 1/16th oz jig and a 2" Epic Bait Molds Slick Swimbait in a green/chart color, I slayed all 3 species. have caught a bass and hooked a pickerel too, but the bass was a dink and pickerel popped off. Overall, it was a...
  3. Freshwater Forum
    Went out for late fall perch fishing! water was around 42-45 degrees that day. 1/16 oz jig head with 2-3 inch soft plastics done the trick! my buddy even caught em on 1/8 oz jig and a 4 inch swimbait which was insane! Bass was slow tho and pickerel weren't around, which was about right since...
1-3 of 3 Results