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  1. Freshwater Forum
    Caught over 100 Crappies! Whether you like to use a float or not, it's actually very deadly during early spring for crappies when they are on the shallows. I use a small 1/16 jig head on 4lb test line and a small Trout Magnet EZ float since I can adjust the line and keep the lure in the strike...
  2. Freshwater Forum
    I never really thrown a chatterbait, but seeing people do it, I told myself I had to give it a shot this season. Went out 2nd week of April to search for some prespawn bass. Air temp was 50 degrees forecasted to go up to 53, so water must be at least in high 40s, if not 50 since it was right...
  3. Freshwater Forum
    Went out w/ my buddies to catch some prespawn bass last saturday (March 19th). It was during a cold front and we expected some difficulties. But once we found the pattern, we were on them nonstop! Here's the first part of my video where i have compiled all my non-dinky size fish into 1 video...
1-3 of 3 Results