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    Selling an OTS Aquacom Underwater Communications system for SCUBA diving. This includes an STX-101 Surface Station with microphone, SSB-2010 Transceiver, TCA-35 Transducer Assembly cable, OTS Guardian full face mask and two OTS gear bags for the Transceiver and mask. Asking $2650. The Condition...
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    Selling (6) Heavy Duty marine salvage lift bags manufactured by Subsalve USA. (2) EFB-4000 bags rated at 4400lbs lift capacity each (bags weigh 70lbs each) (4) EFB-2000 bags rated at 2200lbs lift capacity each (bags weigh 40lbs each) Pressure manifold with eight zones (4) 50' lengths of hose...
1-2 of 2 Results