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  1. Offshore Fishing Forum
    Meet the newest additions at Jigging World! A jig that FLIPS... JW MICRO FLIP jigs are here! Demo videos coming soon :-> Jigging World's Magic Tail Stickbaits are now available in SINKING ver.! Brand new colors...
  2. Offshore Fishing Forum
    Visit us at: Another Chapter of Our Free Facebook Giveaway! Follow, like, share for the chance to win a FREE small JW Tackle Box! Link here:
  3. Inshore Fishing Forum
    Today aboard the Down Deep Bull, we ran another 6 am open boat Seabass trip with a big crowd of great guys. Excellent fishing continues with everyone getting what they came for. Seabass fishing continues.... for just another 6 days.... See pictures below Ling rounded out the big bags that were...
  4. Offshore Fishing Forum
    DAIWA JDM RYOGA is now available at Jigging World in limited quantity! Unlike the previous JDM products that arrived in the US market, Ryoga C3000H comes with a 1-year Daiwa USA warranty! Our selection comes with Jigging World Aluminum Power Handle. You can get this $600+ value set for $499.99...
  5. Member Classifieds
    8x10 framed lithographs by Hashime Murayama. He was commissioned by the National Geographic. Circa 1920-1939. These are really cool drawings he did that would make a great wall item, or mantel. I have a big selection of saltwater and a few freshwater fish. These are some samples, photos are...
1-5 of 5 Results