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  1. Freshwater Forum
    They are out and about again with many pods of babies! easy to spot and easy to slay! go get em! Here's some catches via my latest video if yall wanna check out the action! Mixed in with some bass too
  2. Freshwater Forum
    Hope this post find you guys well! I have been exploring affordable frogs over seas and found that over seas, not only they have affordable ones, but ones that are designed super durable, cast super far and have a new unique action. I use these primarily for snakeheads, but bass and bowfins and...
  3. Freshwater Forum
    I know i know, it's a bass community here, but when bass fishing slows and another species bite, we gotta go get em! I mean look at them gnarly teeth! Certainly would be crowned as the river king with these chompers!
  4. Freshwater Forum
    The fluke is such an awesome lure. It catches so many species here in NJ, especially for our bank anglers. In the video below, I share with you my favorite knot that would up your fluking game. Pay close attention as there is a huge mistake when folks tie this knot! Avoid the mistake and reap...
  5. Freshwater Forum
    Went to Brandywine Creek in Delaware to do some multispecies fishing with my buddy Leo. Here i did a challenge to catch some fish using Dog fur that my brother have provided me. Caught a few using it! In addition, caught a few other fish using some soft plastics including a snakehead! Enjoy...
1-6 of 6 Results