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    I have an 18’ CC on a trailer near Sea Isle so I am mobile and can travel to regional Ramps. It does have a live well. I do not have striper experience or proper rods. I am looking for an EXPERIENCED Striper person with equipment looking for a boat. Looking to do back bays. Will venture just...
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    Went out early to catch the outgoing on a beautiful, calm Sunday morning. Grabbed some eels and some jigs then hit a few sod banks. Two lines in the water for almost 5 hrs and NOTHING. Not a single taker. This was exceptionally frustrating when the fishfinder WAS LIT UP at times. I had to make...
  3. Striped Bass Forum
    Hit one of the area bridges right at slack high tide in anticipation of setting up for the moving tide. HOWEVER, I noticed dozens of stripers cruising around the bridge lights in the dead calm water, so I went right to the white bomber topwater lure. I could not keep the lure in the water for a...
  4. Striped Bass Forum
    Hit the first hour of outgoing at a South NJ Bridge to try for some stripers. Got lots of blow ups on the white bomber topwater, landing 4 of 6 fish (including the smallest striper I have ever caught on topwater). Lots of fun, but had to switch to a jig once the current picked up too fast to...
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    THANKSGIVING: Hit the water EARLY Thurs morning with a buddy for a short back bay trip on the incoming tide. There were a few other dedicated fisherman at the boat launch. Unfortunately, the bitter temperatures left some people out in the cold with motor issues, so we had to wait for them to get...
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    Saturday the wind was HOWLING and the bay was far from calm. We got to the Somers Point ramp just before the afternoon high tide. I had second thoughts about heading out in the tiny 16.5 Wellcraft , but some nice guy at the ramp handed me a bucket of live green crabs, so I decided to set sail...
  7. Dry Dock
    It's that time again when the infamous striped bass start migrating down south. I know you all have heard the name John Skinner. It's not too late to pick up one of his best-selling books to help you land that big cow this winter.
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    MEANT TO PUT NOVEMBER 13TH: FINALLY got a trolling motor bracket installed on the Wellcraft. Fished the back out of Somers Point using artificials and live eels with a buddy. Moved from spot to spot looking at every lump, drop off, and ledge we could find. After about 3 hours of searching, found...
  9. Offshore Fishing Forum
    Greetings! We're exhilarated to tell you that BLACK DEMON 7.5 Medium Heavy is finally back in stock. The Black Demon series has been very popular, moreso after it was rebooted earlier this year. The lure weight increased from 1-6oz to 2-10oz for the medium and 3-12oz for medium heavy, and...
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    Hello All, I just recently purchased a 14 ft aluminum boat with a 9.9 hp motor to fish for Stirpers in the south jersey back bays. I surf fish and chunk fish with others in the DE bay but I'm not really sure what to use and how to find good areas. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :huh:
  11. Home Port.
    not sure if this can help anyone. Sure was cold and slightly difficult to photograph when only your head sticks out of the cockpit. Degan
  12. The Open Boat Forum
    Open Boat for Stripers. Thanksgiving 11/27 Half-day 6 am until 12 noon. Lewes, Delaware. $80/ per angler Must call ahead to reserve a spot. Capt. Les Clemmer 302-222-5471.