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  1. Striped Bass Forum
    Good morning fellow Barners! Here are a few recent videos I made while out striper fishing in Atlantic County. My apologies for the first few blurry minutes of the second video. The fog was thick as thieves and I didn't realize my camera was wet, but the action is insane!! It clears up and...
  2. Striped Bass Forum
    Went out early to catch the outgoing on a beautiful, calm Sunday morning. Grabbed some eels and some jigs then hit a few sod banks. Two lines in the water for almost 5 hrs and NOTHING. Not a single taker. This was exceptionally frustrating when the fishfinder WAS LIT UP at times. I had to make...
  3. Striped Bass Forum
    Hi Guys, Last year i fell in love with surf fishing for stripers and this year im looking to catch some fish! I am going to Avalon the weekend of November 9th and I am looking for your opinions, 1. Do you guys think its too early in the run to be there that weekend and should I go further...
  4. Striped Bass Forum
    Hit the first hour of outgoing at a South NJ Bridge to try for some stripers. Got lots of blow ups on the white bomber topwater, landing 4 of 6 fish (including the smallest striper I have ever caught on topwater). Lots of fun, but had to switch to a jig once the current picked up too fast to...
  5. Striped Bass Forum
    Manasquan inlet , made a right , south to Lavallette:) trolled mojos , chartreuse was good today, made the Ubee back up the beach, caught 5 under size stripers , bunker both ways 10 feet deep in spots love fall fishin
  6. Striped Bass Forum
    MEANT TO PUT NOVEMBER 13TH: FINALLY got a trolling motor bracket installed on the Wellcraft. Fished the back out of Somers Point using artificials and live eels with a buddy. Moved from spot to spot looking at every lump, drop off, and ledge we could find. After about 3 hours of searching, found...
  7. Classifieds
    8x10 framed lithographs by Hashime Murayama. He was commissioned by the National Geographic. Circa 1920-1939. These are really cool drawings he did that would make a great wall item, or mantel. I have a big selection of saltwater and a few freshwater fish. These are some samples, photos are...
  8. Surf Fishing Forum
    Is it time to hang up the waders until spring? :eek:
1-8 of 8 Results