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    This video MUST GO VIRAL...WOW! Share this everywhere you can...this is AMAZING!
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    Hi, I am new to fishing stripers, and I am wondering what kind of lures should I use for fishing for them. I am going to be fishing at LBI in northern jersey. Should I even use lures, or just stick to using bait. I am just wondering because I personally prefer to use lures because it is cheaper...
  3. Surf Fishing Forum
    Hello everyone, I am quite new to the surf fishing world and I'm looking for a new reel. Previously I've been using my battle II 5000 and I feel it's time to upgrade. I was recently looking around and I came across the spinfisher V bailess reel, Shimano Ultegra 5500, and the Van Stall VR series...
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    Hello all, I am a new user, and have been surf fishing for only a couple of years in earnest, but I don't get out nearly as much as I would like to. I get down to ISBP as much as possible, but with a long drive, I usually get down there after dark. Picking a spot to soak some bait isn't easy...