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    If you enjoy surf kayaking on a sit on top, this is for you. I have used (and still like) Ocean Kayak, but needed something more maneuverable that didn't sacrifice stability. I found it in the Wilderness System's Kaos kayak. I think it is made by Dagger now, the companies may have merged...not...
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    Is it time to hang up the waders until spring? :eek:
  3. Surf Fishing Forum
    Earlier this week I was down fishing on the Rush Chattin Bridge and saw the huge dredging barge - I was going to get a permit for my SUV but wanted to ask if anyone has noticed whether the dredging has had an affect on fishing before I get my pass.
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    Windsurf or kayak trailer fairly used 12 foot has two large cargo boxes and two large PVC storage tubes. Asking $500. Shoot me an email for pictures at [email protected] Thanks Tom
  5. Surf Fishing Forum basically someone took the NOAA sea floor maps and overlaid them on top of google maps so you can drag and zoom to get more indepth levels of water depth. :thumbsup: Gimme a bump if you like it!
1-5 of 6 Results