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    Electric go kart with charger used by the kids, they no longer use it…….. Works great and clean, thanks to me….lol $600.00 On Amazon it sells for $1999.00
    $600 USD
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    Tips, tackle and videos
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    Hope this post find you guys well! I have been exploring affordable frogs over seas and found that over seas, not only they have affordable ones, but ones that are designed super durable, cast super far and have a new unique action. I use these primarily for snakeheads, but bass and bowfins and...
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    Looking to buy some tld 30's or squall 30's. Im only 14 and don't have that much to spend. Also need to get a gaff, belt and other gear. Plz email me if you have some available [email protected]
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    Great Dredge for all kinds of off shore fishing. Top of the line dredge with 6 titanium arms that are retractable arms and 12 Holografish. Carrying case included. As described on the Offshore Innovation web site: "Holografish have become the most popular plastic dredge bait from the Florida...
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    Tuna Candy. 10 Rainbow Squid Dredge with stainless steel umbrella bar. Used twice, caught allot. These dredges retail for over $125.00 I am asking $85.00. Feel free to give me a call @ 609-425-3727 and ask for Justin.
1-6 of 6 Results