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  1. Freshwater Forum
    I know i know, it's a bass community here, but when bass fishing slows and another species bite, we gotta go get em! I mean look at them gnarly teeth! Certainly would be crowned as the river king with these chompers!
  2. Dry Dock
    It's that time again when the infamous striped bass start migrating down south. I know you all have heard the name John Skinner. It's not too late to pick up one of his best-selling books to help you land that big cow this winter.
  3. The Tackle Box
    So i have gotten myself one of these cool lures, it's like a pencil bait and buzzbait hybrid and boy it's freaking cool! makes some crazy splash when reeled and jerked and sounds are pretty cool too. Maybe because the mornings are getting cooler, but i landed a good dozen small bass. Check it...