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12pound 5 ounce fluke in great bay today

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the guy i took fishing last week came back today and caught a 12 pound 5 ounce fluke in great bay ,we weighed the fish in clearwater marine for the dream boat contest as he is a fisherman magazine subscriber.came home early had another one of my new motors go down.not sure what happened to it.i thought it was fuel is under warrantybut last time it went down for trim and tilt they had it for 6 weeks and the tilt still drops down after 2 days.these motors i bought new last year they are one year old as of last week.i should have bought and learn.louis
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Awesome. How deep of water was he in?
WOW! So there really are fish in great bay!
what engines do you have?
any pictures of that doormat?
We need some pics.. so we can dream!
What motors are hung Lou?
The picture can be seen on .

Photo Courtesy of Scotts B&T
Larry Groff 12.5lb/30" Minnow/Squid Combo

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I catch fish like that all the my dreams
WOW!!!!! :eek: :eek: :D
Oh boy! :eek: What a fish. Would be on my wall.

with fish like this entered in the dream boat comp. my 7.2 flatty isnt gonna last long.
nice catch!
WOW, now thats one nice flounder.... Hope he wins the contest.
WOW!!!! nice fish and once again I am stuck here at work
sorry i did not get back to you guys.had a medical problem to take care of.the fluke was caught in 8 foot of water.the motors i have are johnson 115's.narrowed it down to a power pack or the stator.getting a tester on it warning horns go off .when i first start it for 5 to 8 minutes it will run like a bear after that whatever causes the problemdoes not let it go over 1500 rpm.i elimated fuel and sensor.lent my testing tools out just waiting to get them back.went where i bought them said they dont know when they can get there to check them usual i will do it myself or wait another 3 weeks.louis
thanks again guys for posting larrys picture i didnot have time to figure it out.louis
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