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Hi guys,

We presently own 5 boats (yeah I know, what was I thinkin?) anyway, we are whittling down to just two. So, Last week the 21 footer went, this week I hope to move our "cat"

I have a 1999 Nautico power catamaran for sale. It's a 18 footer, center console. She has a 1999 Honda 90 on her, and sits on a 2001 galvanized trailer. I bought her new in late 99, for about 18 grand.

The boat is in very good to excellent shape.The motor runs just fine and the trailer is also fine. If you've never been in a cat boat before, you won't understand the ride difference, but it's true. Nothing rides like a cat.

The boat comes with a depth finder and a built in compass. The motor has trim and tilt and a nice stainless wheel. The trailer is "stock" although we did add sideboards to help guide her on and off.

I hung a sign on her for 8K, but I'd certaily let her go to a barn member or friend for 7K. I won't take less than that.

If anyone's interested, my email is [email protected]

Thanks guys

PS, coming up will be a 19 foot carolina hull. it's a 2002, 1965 DLX center console. stay tuned.
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