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Sorry guys I have been talking about the wrong harbor this whole time! (man I feel stupid now) Anyway the sticks are missing from the channel leading out to the main channel! I have been hoping to get something done about the sticks but still have yet to recieve any help in this matter! its driving me crazy knowing what a hazzard this channel is to soo many boaters! (especially the novice ones that as we know are all over the place!)
No less than 200 boats use that canal at any given time, that is not including the boats that are launched from the North wildwood ramps!
Any help in this matter would be appreciated I have called aids to navigations 4x the state police as well as the county. I have been told that this is a state issue and will be handled by the state! what a joke!
Why put those little sticks in the mud that come out every year? why not use bigger stakes that wont come out year after year? shouldnt the registration fees we pay allow us to boat and fish safley? I guess not!
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