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78 / 07 26' Pacemaker (WAHOO) center console, twin IB

1978 hull, total refurb done in 2007, THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW IN '07
twin 3.0 mercruisers 135 hp, with 1:1.25 gears 52 hours
aluminum fuel tanks, lines, fills ect
aquamet 22 shafts, HY-TORC propellers, and dripless shaft logs
electric trim tabs
single lever morse, controls , and all new gauges
custom engine enclosure
teleflex steering system with tilt wheel
cushions and covers
hull was separated from deck liner, stringer grid reglassed to hull and deck rebuilt in weak areas, deck and hull then 5200 and fastened.
garmin 542 color chart plotter

This vessel was refurbed with an open checkbook and it shows, over 45k invested in the refurb. Sadly my Pop's passed away 9 months after the refurb was complete, I need to sell the boat to pay for a medical procedure, there in not a wahoo around in this condition, she is better than new. BELOW IS A FEW PARTS OS A CONDITION AND VALUATION SURVEY CONDUCTED JUNE 2009 THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR THE WHOLE THING, I CAN EMAIL IT TO THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED. MY EMAIL IS [email protected]

Hull No.: PAC26759M78F
Type: Fiberglass, twin inboard, center console

Description:This 26’ center console sports fisherman is of all solid fiberglass hand laid hull construction, finding V hull forward, which eases to a slight dead rise at the transom. The topsides are relatively high for her length, making accommodations inboard the gunwales exceptionally dry and spacious for a 26 foot vessel. . A “T” top and partial enclosure is made around the center console which can house either storage space or a small galley. –Neither of which are installed or used aboard this vessel at present.
L.O.A.: 26’ ¾”’ Beam: 10'
Draft.: 3’ 2” Displacement: Unknown
Builder: Pacemaker Yachts Year Built: 1978

- HULL -
The survey of the hull was begun with sighting for obvious damage, such as grounding damage, keel damage, rudder problems, and propeller damage and for indications of general maintenance and condition. No notable problems were discovered from our observation of the external hull. A more detailed inspection of the hull to deck joint around the vessels external and internal perimeters was conducted with no significant damages, or repair work sighted.
Condition: Very good
Bottom: Green anti-fouling over gelcoat with a blue boot stripe
Condition: Very good
Stem: Very good Stern: Flush, with exhaust ports and trim tabs
Floor Timbers: 2” Pressure treated, very good condition
Fastenings: Stainless steel Deck Beams: 2” pressure treated
Decks: Fiberglass over ¾” marine grade plywood
Skeg: Solid fiberglass Bilge: Dry with cleaning of debris required

Superstructure: 2 ½” Schedule 60 aluminum “T” top frame, deck mounted with a fiberglass cover
Interior: Under console, fiberglass over ¾” marine grade plywood
Bulkheads: None watertight
Ventilation: Natural and forced draft for the engine compartment

The sheer line, hull and keel were sighted for "trueness". No distortions, previous repairs, or hard spots were noted. We observed no evidence of any discrepancies, other than minor dings and scratches consistent with normal wear and tear. The paint coating system appeared in very good condition, tight, and accomplished in a quality manner.
The bottom hull shows no evidence of any moisture or blisters. The bottom coat system is considered in very good condition. Minor fairing to excess paint build may be required prior to commissioning.
The hull to deck joint, where visible, was inspected and found to be in very good condition.
Complete and careful inspection was made of all available bilge spaces, and laminate reinforcement at the corners of the hull, such as the transom, were found intact with no visible evidence of delamination noted. Attachments of longitudinal and transverse frame members and stiffeners were sighted and found to be satisfactory.

Main Engines - Location: Under console seating
No. Type: (2) gasoline Make: Marine Power
Model: S1 81S 3.0L No. Cyls.: 4 (each)
Serial: Starboard - 447481; Port – 44247 R.P.M.: 4,800
H.P.: 130 each Reduction Gear: ZF Model 45-A with 1.26:1 ratio
Approx. Speed: 26 knots Year: 2006
When Overhauled: N/A Engine Bed: Fiberglass stringers with isolation mounts

The vessel is equipped with both AC and DC electrical systems and survey found them to be in new and excellent condition. Batteries are of the marine type, deep cycle lead acid and gel cell. Batteries are properly stored in molded fiberglass enclosures in the center console base and conductors are run, for the most part, above the bilges and are neatly bundled and secured. A circuit breaker panel for both AC and DC electrical systems is found to be well marked and located at the helm and within the space under the center console.
This Pacemaker 26 has been well maintained and had two (2) new Marine Power gasoline engines installed as of 2007, with less than 45 operating hours help to ensure the safety and vessel value longevity. Additionally, the owner reports new constructed and installed fuel tanks were installed aboard the vessel just prior to his assuming ownership. Although the vessel was not fully outfitted with the required safety equipment at the time of survey, the owner being a licensed merchant mariner and charter fishing captain for a number of years is well versed in proper safety measures and equipment requirements for his vessel prior to placing it into charter service.

In determining the fair market value of the M/V JUST 1 THING it is understood that this appraisal includes the hull, structure, furnishings, all appurtenances, equipment, materials, machinery, tools, anchors and other apparel pertaining to the vessel as found aboard on the date of the survey, as well as that equipment yet to be installed, necessary for the operation, maintenance and enjoyment of this vessel.
Fair market value is defined as the price of the vessel would bring on the open market, that price agreed upon between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. Twelve to sixteen months of exposure may be required to realize this value.
The current owner had inherited this vessel after upgrades to the engines had been made. Upgrades to the electronics and other hull maintenance upgrades to this classic hull design will keep the vessel values compatible with newer vessel of similar design and outfitting at a considerable cost savings.
Our valuation appraisal takes into account the high quality re-fit, but also compares this vessel to other similar vessels that may be available on the market. Internet research, trade journals, Blue Book value trends and brokerage interviews are relied upon to assist in developing our opinions.
Subject to consideration of the preceding remarks, and considering the age of the vessel, its condition in comparison to vessels of like size, age and service, and in consideration of the current market, the following values are considered appropriate:

Estimated Fair Market Value: $35,000.00 Estimated Replacement Cost: $120,000.00
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