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Low miles for this engine 115k
Just had the air suspension system replaced---that's big!
Just had the A/C system redone---works great--blows cold!
Body is in great shape--no dents or rust--pro paint job 4 years ago!
Runs great--just needs a tune up or fuel injector.
Front leather seat needs work--rear seat is fine!
Drivers door hinge is bent and elec. window needs work
Battery is only a few months old.
This car looks great and will run another 100k with just a little work put into it. Even gas wise--it's not bad--especially on the road. 20 plus mpg.
I hate to get rid of it, it's been really good to me, and I've serviced oil/changed it faithfully.
My wife talked me into a new Honda and now the Lincoln is just sitting.
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