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Hit it with nate today.... access to the water was almost impossible thanks to that marathon shenanigans. Tried a new spot and swam out to the 2nd reef, found alot of amazing structure but not alot of good fish on it. I got my 1st and PB porgy weighed around 3 lbs( what a pain in the *** fish to shoot btw... shot him once, tore off, shot him again, flopper didnt toggle, hand freeshaft stabbed him and grabbed him and that was it). Porgies may be easy to catch rod n reel but they are some of the most skittish fish to spear. The stalking of one of these in itself is difficult, dropping up to 20 feet away from these fish and approaching from a back angle.

nate got another porgy, lionfish, spanish mack and a trigger. Didnt see alot of shootable fish.... some borderline mangos, lots of porgy but couldnt close the distance on em, few muttons ghosted by, saw one hog that wasnt anywhere close to legal. few bugs were found and none were legal.
Current and waves kicked our asses and I had a parasail boat captain purposely try to run me over.

Viz was around 35 feet, very hazy and worse the closer we got in to shore after finishing up.

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