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2 35g fuel tanks

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i've got 2 fuel tanks-permanent mount.they're 35 gallon built by patriot marine.tanks are epoxy coated,the correct way. approx 77" long and they're tapered from approx 16" to 8"...the tanks came from a 31 bertram-were the auxilliary fuel tanks-repowered with diesels,didn't need them anymore.they're in excellent condition...drop me a line if you're interested...
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We run a 31 bertram with two 50 gallon pillow tanks on the deck, did the permanent mounts go under the the side gunnels? Cost?

Oh yea, the owner is looking at the possibility of repowering with diesels, where and what kind of motor did you install?
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friggin' weather is killin' me !!!!!!
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