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2 Spots open on a 12 person/12 Hour Marathon.

Season opens on 4/15 and current regs are:

10 cod @ 24"
Haddock & Pollock @ 18 or 19", no limit.

Regulations are due to change on May 1 to lower limit and from all of the chatter 2013 will face sever restrictions.

If you want to fish for Cod in the Gulf of Maine, do it in 2012. Will be primarily a jig bite based on my past experiences in this area and the time of year.

Here are the details.

Cost- $1700. $1600 + $100 Fuel Surcharge for the 5a-5p 12 hour marathon.

$145 per person. (Actual amount is $141.67 but I will but the extra $40 I collect into a kitty and buy a few hats/t-shirts/jigs that I will give away on the boat.)

****I am paying same as everyone else.**************

There is a $5 parking fee collected by the state. This is fairly common up in NH.

If you want to use Paypal let me know and I will set it up but it will be a few $$ extra for their processing fee.
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