I bought a new pickup and reluctantly going to sell the 2000 LC with 137,7xx Miles. Lots of mods and maint done in the 4 years Ive owned it.
-Doug thorley headers
-muffler and resonator delete
-Ironman front bumper
-Kelly Saad 7" Bucket lights with JW Speaker Evo 2's
-9" Leds on the bumper
-4x4 Labs Rear bumper with can holder and swingout on DS with fullsize matching spare.
-Foxwing 270° awning
-traction boards
-Yakima roof bar rack
-Scangauge II
-Bluetooth cd/radio
-Cobra CB cleanly installed underneath with firestick antenna
-brass heater tees
-Orange Boxx quarterpanel glads molle racks
-custom attic rack
-Huracan tailgate storage
-285/75/16 Cooper ST Maxx 80% tread
-diff and transfer case breathers plumped to firewall
-wet okole seat covers

Timing belt and waterpump were done at 109k when I bought it.
Just did valve cover gaskets, spark plugs and oil change,1 lower ball joint for squeaking
Also replaced the accelerator pedal position sensor for a code and no throttle my wife experienced a few months ago.
Changed the brakes out in the rear recently and front rotors and pads also recently.
Near wheel bearings and grease in the front a year ago. Have engine cover just never used it. Also have factory non led rear inner tailights to go with sale too.

I live in NJ and drove it primarily on the beach and in the snow. The rocker panels have rusted through on the passenger side bottom and only a 1/4 of the way on the driver side. I cut all the cancer off the rockers and spray sealed rust reformer. My plan was to even cut them off and have a friend weld 2x6" square stock as a quasi slider/rocker repair. Havnt done that yet obviously and may still do it before and IF I get rid of the truck which im still on the fence about.

Interior is cleanish, having a 6yr old and being a little sandy is hard to keep things immaculate for the purists.

Its a great rig. It sounds mean and it will literally go anywhere. Just got back from the biannual pilgrimage to NC an 8hr drive each way and no issues except seeing the gas pump more than I like. She averages right around 12 mpg fully packed for vacation. Any other questions feel free, I have nothing to hide. A few dents dings, scratches that turned into a rust spot, turn signal assemblies are dirty inside was going to order clear ones.

Looking for 18k please message for more pics.