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2003 Big Dog / new pic

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One last time. I have an offer on my bike for $12,000. Its alot lower then I wanted but being out of work I plan to except it this friday afternoon. Still have a few days to make a better offer before friday. I have a new picture showing the bike with its show trophy collection.My cell # 856-491-0588.........................Jim
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$12,000 still available

Offer didnt pan out after he went home and told his wife. Bikes still available.
Make offers, Willing to work on price to get it sold before I put it on E Bay.
"MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION" I am homeless guys.

Do to being kicked out of my ex ole ladys house after spending 8 years fixing it up I find myself living with my parents on the living room sofa.

Due to the nature of my present living situation I am forced to sell this bike that has over $31,000 invested in it so I can put money down on another house. Now please dont insult me with a 5 or 6k offer but I may be willing to go as low as $9,500. You cant buy a sportster for that price and this bike is a 1st place show winner many times over. It has been under an extended warrenty since the day I ordered it. Its flawless and very very loud. 107" 1,756 cc S & S motor with a baker 6 speed tranny. New 240 MM Metzler rear tire. Performance Machine brakes. Full cover and rear seat pad. Its black with purple house of colors flames that were $1,000 option. The bikes not been used for more then 30 mins in the past few years due to a back injury. This kills me to sell it at this price but living with Mom and Dad at 45 years old SUCKS. Somebody is going to get the deal of a life time. I dont have internet at my parents so you will have to call my cell to ask questions or see the bike........Jim 856-491-0588
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