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2005 Vineyard trip!

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Well, Rob pretty much told it the way it went. From what the guys told me before I met them up there, the fishing wasn't real good yet. They caught a couple here & there! Now I'm not sure if the fish showed up when I got there or they were already there? :D ;) :D But I did hammer them pretty well! But we did limit out everyday that I was there! It seemed to be an early moring bite! On Sunday we found a birdplay at the point of Gayhead lighthouse hammered the Stripers for over 2 hrs. There was a lot of small guys in there but if you bucktailed away from the birds the big girls were there! We caught a lot of fish between 20 & 40 lbs and we had 1 or 2 over 40. If the weather would have been better I would have taken more pictures! But below are a few that I took!
All the fish I caught were caught on bucktails tipped with REELSTRIPS, white bucktails with green strips or green bucktails with white strips.

This is Chris with a nice Striper.

Here's Barry (bunkerhead) with his biggest of the trip.

Here's me with one of many that I caught!

Below are some pics I took just to show the island.

This is what it was like most of the time there!
You can barely make the island out in the background
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Here's the rest of the pictures!

This is a clearer day.

This is Monday the clearest day we had.

Here's our catch for Monday.

Here's a nice sunset to a perfect weekend. This is Menemsha harbor with Menemsha inlet in the background.
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Congrats on the great trip.I was just up there last thurs until sunday,the Cape and Vineyard are really nice.Didn't get to do any fishing though.
I don't know if I could go up there without doing some type of fishing!
Hey some really nice shots Paul! I sent you some more that maybe could really grasp some of the conditions up there we delt with! I for 1 was ok with it that is to be expected and its all part of the experience! I loved it and it was awsome!!
Looks great. Were you fishing SW of Gayshead?
Can't wait to go back to Cuttyhunk in September.
As soon as I load them on the computer I'll post them for you.

We fish from Gayhead to Squibknocket. The sixth picture down was about 3 miles north of Squibknocket.

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Oh hey those reel strips. Dont leave home with out them! Awsome stuff from what I saw. Paul it was hammer time with those combinations you had! One of my favorite nights up there was the lobster we ate. Your friend really hooked us up nicely.
Stanley that owns Menemsha fish market is great! Man those 4 to 5 lb Lobster are tasty! If anyone is up there stop by & see him & tell him I let you know about the place!
I posted the Pics on your post!
Yummy! The lobster didnt stand a chance. lol
I even got the home made brew in that picture. Marthas Vineyard has its own brewery. Pretty tasty stuff.
What a great time up there Rob! I even brought some back for the family!
Congrats on the nice fish and having an all around good time. The Vineyard is my favorite fishing ground and you guys made the most of it even if the weather was unccoperative. Nice job on the pics.
Next Year will be my 2nd up there I wont be the novice anymore. Will know what to bring and what to bring home. I know lobster will be on the list coming home! Especially with the prices this guy gives.
i beginning to think you have a 4leaf clover patch in your you ever get skunked or have a bad day!?
CONGRATS fellas! awesome pic's.
Barry, did ya make anybody gag?!
Sounds like you guys had a great time. I wish I went. Maybe next year.
I do, Timmy planted them there! I must admit Timmy taught me a couple techniques for using bucktails. I can tell ya this, you can't bucktail up there like you do in NJ.

You'd love it up there!

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He says he don't like the internet bacause his fishing spots get to crowded!
Which I find really funny because 95% of his spots were found through the internet. :D
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