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2010 New Jersey flounder season option vote

  • May29-Sept.6 6 fish at 18"

    Votes: 62 22.2%
  • May23-sept.6 4 fish at 18"

    Votes: 71 25.4%
  • May13-Sept.13 6 fish at 18.5"

    Votes: 74 26.5%
  • May29-Sept.26 6 fish at 18.5

    Votes: 64 22.9%
  • May21-Sept.12 6 fish at 18.5

    Votes: 6 2.2%
  • Mat29-Sept.17 6 fish at 18.5

    Votes: 5 1.8%

2010 NJ fluke season Bass Barn vote

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I will make sure the NJ marine fisheries council receives the results during the up coming March meeting.
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I will make sure the NJ marine fisheries council receives the results during the up coming March meeting.
Will this is nice we need everyone that can to show up at the meeting and make there voice heard. Don"t let a poll speak for you!!!!!!!!!

Show up and speak for yourself....
I can't figure out why people would be voting for May 23 - Sept 6 with a 4 fish bag. Giving up 2 fish out of the bag to gain 6 days at the beginning of the season makes no sense at all to me.
I think that most people are looking back at how many time the got 6 fish per persons for a boat limit. They are feeling like 4 fish per person is a good day of fishing for most. Six more days to a season is nice and to get some fishing in before the holiday weekend.

Last year there was 300 + boats in the Great Bay area. Crazy :eek:
I can understand why some people want the bigger size for a few extra days for money/business reasons, but to me that isn't a good enough reason to bump up the size.

For the people that want it for just fishing reasons, i feel the higher size and longer season only helps those who are fortunate enough to be on the water often/have boats.

It really hurts the people that only manage to get out <5 to 10 a spring/summer.

Remember all of the posts that were like "caught 36 fish with one keeper"? "Caught 24fish, no keepers". I remember a few times the keeper being 18 but under 18.5. at least pulling one or two out wouldn't feel like a total waste for some.

Unless fish stocks are hurting (which everyone feels they aren't) why trade size for a few days?

You never want to trade size for days. That is what NY did and I do not want that to happen here. If you go up in size you will never, never be able to get it back. Days and bag limit can move and change all the time but size will not.

Out of the options given the first two are your only choose.
The problem is this poll is on 4 different sites and will the results on this sites do not match up to the other sites.

Please, Please, Please do not let a poll speak for you. Go to the meeting and speak for yourself.
As far as the value of this poll, the reputation of the Bass Barn speaks for its self ! This poll is not meant to discourage anyone from attending the meeting, Please if you can show up on Thursday.
Thank you for making that point. See you at the meeting.
Yes he was. Polls do not count. One Person one vote.

Thanks for being there.

I know there are a few different estimates of how many anglers fish in NJ. Possibly anywhere from 400,000-1,000,000. What is the % breakdown between "land based" fisherman and "boat folks?" Is there any study or statisitics on this?

Do "boat fisherman" out number "land based fisherman?" Serious question. And where did your stats come from?

Obviously they were interested in "their own personal fishing", why else would they be there? No better way to make your thoughts known than to say it yourself. The surf fishing community has essentially been eliminated from the NJ fluke fishery :thumbsdown: for a number of years now. There are some exceptions but the majority of land based fisherman are not taking any fluke home. Yet were catching tons of shorts and probably killing a bunch (dead discards). :rolleyes::huh:
I am a boat guy and do not fish from land but I would also have loved to be able to fish for them late into the season since I like to fish the ocean more than the bay. But with the interest of what would help the most people option 1 gives us both holidays. I was not going to go up is size or down in bag limit since there was an option that keep them the same as last year. Most of the people come to the shore areas during that time. I feel for the surf guys no question about that..... They are right that the best time to fish for them is in Sept. Just my 2 cents. :wave:
I wanna see sand on your feet at some point this summer fluke fishin with me then.............:D :wave:.
My mate said the same thing to me. He surf fishes all the time. I have surf rod too. I live here and have never been to the beach. Going on five years in the LBI area and 15 year done in avalon. Maybe this year and then again maybe not.... but if you want to get on a boat just give me a call and we will go. :wave::thumbsup:

By the way. In that big LBI surf tour I will come and cheer your team on. and maybe give some pointer LOL LOL

I might need some lessons.
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