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When: March 20th, 2010
Time: 7am-7pm
Where: Lacey Marine - Forked River, NJ

Our 2010 Spring Prep Day will be held on March 20th, 2010. This is one of our biggest sale days of the year other then our Open House. It is a day we put together for our customers who get their boats in early. We will have sales on bottom paints, zincs, cleaners, waxes, and more! There will be many, many door prizes, free products, and free-bees all day. Matt from Interlux will be on hand to go over any questions you may have. Here are some of the sales we will be having...

All Zincs - 35% OFF
All Cleaners and Waxes - 10% OFF
Interlux ACT Gallon - $109.99 Plus $20 Rebate
Interlux Micron Extra Gallon - $199.99 Plus $20 Rebate
Interlux Micron CSC Gallon - $174.99 Plus $20 Rebate
Interlux Bottomcoat Pro Gallon - $74.99
Interlux Bottomcoat Classic Gallon - $89.99 Plus $10 Rebate
Aquagard Gallons - $84.99
Pettit Unepoxy Gallon - $84.99 Plus $20 Rebate
Pettit Ultima SSA Gallon - $89.99 Plus $20 Rebate
Pettit Horizons Gallon - $179.99 Plus $10 Rebate
Pettit Hydrocoat Gallon - $119.99 Plus $10 Rebate
Interlux Trilux Spray - $24.99

There will be free product for every Interlux purchase and their will be consumer rebates on all the paint up to $20.00 OFF!
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