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2023 Delaware River Striper Reports

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...............and so it begins! Gona donate my first doz. blood worms tomorrow after work. Not expecting much but weather looks decent and I got the itch. Good luck to all the river rats this Spring! Hopefully this year has a good run like last!

Post um up!

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Have not been on the barn in quite some time, but glad to see the river reports are still here to some capacity.

Had some rare free time in my calendar last week and got out three times. Used one bag of bloodworms.

First trip (3/8): Quick, maybe 1.5 hours. Outgoing tide. Skunk.

Second trip (3/9): Outgoing tide, first two stripers of the season for me. Small fish, 14”-20” range.

Third trip (3/10): Incoming tide, one catfish.
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Nothing good going on for me over the past week. Fished around two of my usual springtime areas and around both tides. Nada. Well, one perch. So, nada.
Tog - nice job catching a good one the other day! It sure has been tough out there.

My report:

Got out many times over the last week and a half with absolutely nothing to show for it. Fished all tides, morning, afternoon, and evening.

Couple of observations (my personal observations) from this season so far:

- Schoolies: Serious lack of schoolie sized (12”-24”) fish from the second half of March through now. Usually no matter what is happening with the larger fish, there is a fairly decent and predictable schoolie bite that begins in March.

- Larger fish: Few and far between so far (again, just my observation from my river trips). Saw one caught last week and one caught this morning with many fishing hours around many other anglers with absolutely no action.

- Crowds: Crowds have been massive, even on weekday mornings/ afternoons. I have fished the lower river for many years and I know it gets crowded once word gets out that the big fish are around, but I have definitely seen many more people fishing the river this year than years past.

Still another few weeks to perhaps a month with a shot at something good in the river. Best of luck to all!

Not sure if that was a rant or not? If it was - rant over.
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one more shot at the 50 lber bass tomorrow as I got a fat sack of clam to pick up in Wildwood and then gona hit it hard all day in the river up by DOD on buddies boat. got good tide, nice weather and hopefully good bait. Probably my last attempt this spring and probably my last posted fishing report on the bassbarn as this site has died a slow death and gets no traffic or postings. Seems like I am the only one posting any reports and lord knows there are enough folk pounding the river up this way.

It really is a shame how things have changed on here. I remember how excited I was to get my Bassbarn sticker for the back of my truck back in the day. If you pulled up to a fishing spot and saw those Bassbarn stickers on other vehicles, you knew you were in a good spot.

I have been in north central PA for work this week, but hoping to maybe get out to the river for a bit later today or maybe Monday. Smallie fishing up in the mountains was really good yesterday evening. Stopped by a spot I had been eyeing up all week with the intention of making a few casts and ended up staying for over 3 hours.

Anyhow, good luck out there! Hopefully today is “the day”!
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