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I have a set of 20x18x3-bladed 1.5" bore props for sale. They were scanned then used for 3months and then pulled off because I went diesel. They just need a quick cleaning. $475 OBO

I have another set of 20x17x3-bladed 1.5" bore props that need some tip work. They were on the boat when I bought it and used as a spare set. Atlantis could probably easily fix them from the great work I've seen and heard about them. $200 firm

I believe they are both bronze, although I was told they were nibral when I bought the boat. Assume they are bronze. If they end up being nibral the price will not change.

Buyer must pick them up or pay postage. I live in Phila and work in Princeton, NJ. We could meet if its on my way to/from work.

(Mods...please check my email situation you mentioned...I think I fixed it.)
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