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Took awhile for me to get the chance to sit and type this, but I went out to Newton Lake Sunday morning. I rigged the rods with the lures the night before, so I felt I had to go out despite the rain.

I brought four rods - a baitcaster rigged a 1/2 oz. lipless crank, a 7ft. med with a jig and trailer, a 6ft. Ugly Stick with a spinnerbait, and 6ft. med-heavy with a husky jerk.

I threw twenty-five casts with each lure by fancasting from the same platform. I did overhand casts, underhands, sidearms, rolls, flips and pitches randomly.

I caught no fish but I felt like I did good work improving my castings. This is a new Steve as no-bites did not equal no-fun. I enjoyed the chance just to go out again.

Went out Monday while the wife and kids were getting their nails done, so I didn't have more than 45 min. Lost two tubes and hooks in that short period of time, so I bailed!

Ready to break out the boat - the "Bass Dismissed" - this upcoming week. Can't hardly wait!!!
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