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Hey guys,

We're finally looking to get back out on Thursday. We haven't fished since New Years Eve because of all this wind and frigid temps. We're looking to put together a crew for Friday as well. I am going to base my decision on whether I sail Friday on how well we do Thursday. If the bite isn't good and it doesn't look promising for a shot at decent fishing, I am going to pull the boat instead of sailing. However, if the fishing is decent and we get a little chew, I will be going Friday. Weather looks good, so let me know if you'd like a seat and I will confirm with you Thursday afternoon on my way in.

Trip is 8 hours for $125, and this includes white crabs, rods, reels, and tackle...

Adam, I left you a voice mail... I'll go with you on Friday if you sail! Keeping my fingers crossed :thumbsup:
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