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4-B's Fishing Reports 6/5 - 6/30 2005

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What's a 4-B ????
Barnegat Bay B*** Barner's..........

With the growing membership of Barnegat Bay Boaters and Fishermen let see if a featured
weekly thread will go-over here in the Homeport
Forum for this wonderful area of New Jersey..

So Here is a Map and The Weather..
Barnegat Bay Map
Barnegat Bay Weather
Go Fishing !!! And Let's Here About It,,,


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Thanks Strikes !!!

Looks like it gonna be a great couple of days ahead of , so lets see some reports, I won't be heading out til the weekend myself. So good luck to all of you 4-B's
Round of applause to Nightstrikes. well boys here we have it, bring all good and bad reports and lets keep the 4-B crew growing.
heading to Costa Rica this weekend for some Sailfish and i'll be back at the Barney next week.
Best of luck to all!
thank you nightstrikes!!!!

been up north for two weeks too long. some local friends said the catch in still good on the inside. they have been fishing at dusk and dawn on kayaks with plastics and plugs and having success with mostly slot bass, and some big 'uns too. last weekend up north and will be back to second home for rest of summer!!! have set up a wireless connection at shore house so we can post asap. good luck to everyone going out this week and weekend. see y'all out there soon.

NIGHTSTIKES, good job but that map is burning all the spots ;)
Strikes for President of the BBBB!

Send the reports in-they are great to read!

On 6/8 I hit a west side locale around dusk. Tons of weaks from 8-12". Seems a little early for the spikes to arrive but none the less they are here.
Hit the Middle grounds lookin for Fluke for Saturdays JCAA festival. 11 shorts in 1 1/2 hours first of the incomming. most fish on GULP swimmiing minnow. doesn't look like the spot for the Tourney. woof
Pocket Rocket fished Sat in JCAA out of Barnaget. Went north 6 miles in 50 ft depth took two keepers 17 and 19 fish, but there were many in the 161/4 there also. We fished all the way up to Manasquan nada.
FIshed oyster creek, double creek and the inlet, 1 keeper fluke 17 1/2 and 2 blues, kept the blues for bait and sent the fluke back to live another day.
Capt. Alex did you score well over the weekend on the big bass w/bunker?
i was in Costa rica this past weekend pulling in 130lbs. sails and some tuna. Fantastic experience, but i'm back now and ready for Striper season Party II (getting out of the bay and hitting the big ones on Bunker and trolling rigs) so basically i wanted to ask you all how the fishing has been in my absence. Have you all been heading out of the inlet with bunker? are they still by the sods or are they all moving out now? Bunker? have you guys been hitting schools of them outside of the inlet. how about the trolling front? any news would be great.
One More Drift, very picky fishing with most boats getting no bass. The nice thing is that most of the fish are over 20 pounds. We boated one and dropped two yesterday.

Deanald, welcome back. The inside bass fishery has slowed down considerably. It takes a lot more planning now to get them inside. I have been heading outside.
Another yes vote for the BBBB. Got so tired of hearing about the good fishing in the south I was starting to tune out the Barn.
One More Drift,

Nice name, my boat has the same name, 24 ft Grady WHite offshore out of Avalon. Good fishing!
We'll be Finally back at it after a long 3 weeks off. will be targeting stripers early and fluke later on, blues for crab bait. good luck out to all out there. will report sunday.
I will be out at the Ridges on Sunday hopefully the Blue finned ones have made a showing.......
report will follow
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