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as i went out 10:30am seems same one thing then 1 bit one 10 inch perch
nothing for 4 hours hunting down for perch NOTHING still 1PM still only 1 perch 1:45PM
i went to hot spot and cast fish on for a good 20 minutes
one after another 2 TBs small perch 8 stripers TBs 11 to 17 inches
perch from 10 to 15 inches one was about 1.8 pounds
they was eating alot of minnows and shrimps up dictes bait was green crabs
by 2:30PM tide switches fish turn off so by then 3:05PM i run out of bait
head on in low low tide incoming clean fish
ended with 16 perch
water temps way up my hot spot 78° and maine creek 69
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