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Fished aboard my "Bertha" with Al and friend-of-a-friend from near Stroudsburg, PA named Dave Chabak.

Started the day by trolling into the Reach with Stretch 25+ plugs. Caught and released a dozen blues to 9 pounds, and single bass at 12 pounds.

Got dissappointed by the heavy boat traffic, the wind against tide conditions, and the fact that we couldn't see any bunker schools in the choppy Raritan Bay, so we headed over to check out Romer and Flynn's. Saw folks on the Prowler sitting around looking bored at Romer with no marks on the finder, so we moved over to Flynn's where there were only 2 other boats.

With slightly better wind and tide combinations, Al caught a single small bass, and we all caught a couple of skates and bluefish. Moved around a few times until the afternoon outgoing and the wind were in line, and then we set up all alone to do some clamming near the false hook.

Clamming yielded another 13-14 bass up to a 23 pounder by Dave. Al had the hot hand on the schoolies with 6 fish under 8 pounds. Dave and I each landed a couple of schoolies, but we also each caught a few larger ones from 12 - 23 pounds.

Water temps ranged from a high of 64 in the bay to a low of 58 near Romer. Winds were steady from the W/NW most of the day.

- Gr8ful

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