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Hi Fellow Yakkers. Today was the maiden dunk for the 2014 season. I had a roofer come over to give me an estimate for some work so I didn't get down to OC until 4pm. Stopped at Finactics and got a fresh bunker. Launched at Corson's. Plan was to drift bunker on one line while casting a small white bucktail with white grub on the other. Had a few hits on the bunker, but no hookups.

I never waste a paddle without trolling. On one of my paddles, I trolled the bucktail and hooked and landed a 2lb blue. Made many tolls, but only hooked the one.

Fished from 4pm till 8:30pm and only caught the blue.

Next trip should be after the fluke opener and hopefully I'll be able to submit a successful report.
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